[Discussion] Lowering Quorum to 3% on our on-chain voting

Based on these results Solana Governance

Id like to go ahead and change the quorum to 3% – I can do that manually and instantly but want to make sure we have a discussion here for a few days before pulling the trigger

As previously discussed, we would consider our on-chain votes to be the dominant voting method and respect those votes over discourse votes


My understanding is that a lower Quorum of 3-5% is necessary, I believe the reasoning has to do with the dynamics of SPL governance voting threshold logic that must account for all available token supply vs tokens locked in voting for governance.

Within Solana Governance, Quorum is not the % of votes out of the total locked in Governance, but the total % of votes out of the entire token supply, which I believe is 72.5 M today.

For votes to successfully reach consensus without false positives or negatives, a meaningful enough Quorum must be established today and adjusted at some point in the future based on total amount of tokens locked in Governance.

My understanding is that there is a difference between tokens locked in governance, tokens actively participating in governance/proposal voting and total circulating token supply.


Having expressed my understanding - I am in favor of lowering Quorum to ensure votes reach a successful conclusion in the short term.

If the amount of tokens locked in Governance increase and active participation follows, I would also support an increase in the future.


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