Dev subDAO: Improving Grape Verification Phase 1

Type: Developer DAO
Title: Improving Grape Community Boarding to get GAN token from an Admin Panel Phase 1
Funding: Pre-Funded
Max Reward (Create): 20,000 Grape
Max Reward (Complete): 1,000 USDC + 166,000 Grape (or 2,000 USDC)
Date Created: 08/25/2022
Date Complete: 09/01/2022
Language: Typescript

Submission Instructions:

contribution to Grape GitHub repo GitHub - Grape-Labs/grape-dashboard: Grape Dashboard

This bounty is to improve the boarding experience, based on the feedback received from the Dean’s List review along with the workshop conducted with the DAO members; and targeting communities boarding for Grape Verification. The goal is to make a quick and easy way to acquire the GAN token in a single dedicated Grape Admin page, the problems this will resolve are the multiple steps and multiple pages a community needs to navigate to get this accomplished i.e.
Currently partners need to:

  1. Acquire 10600 Grape, using a swap provider i.e. Jupiter, Orca etc (navigates to those pages)
  2. Swap Grape acquired to GAN, using Strata to do this swap (navigates to those pages)

Proposed Solution:

  1. Make a single integrated page which allows the user to first swap SOL > GRAPE or USDC > GRAPE using Jupiter Aggregator from this page and without the user going to a third party page
  2. Make a second step to swap the grape held to GAN, the GAN should be set to 1 in total from this page and without the user going to a third party page
  3. This Admin page should take into consideration that it will be a future hub for a general boarded Community Admin use which will be implemented upon future phases
yarn install
yarn run build
yarn start

Acceptance Criteria:
Quality is based on & Exceptional quality generally means:
Compilable/Runnable Code which will not break any existing dependencies and integrations on the existing repo, libraries may be updated and build can be updated as long as all existing functionality is compilable, code should be supported up to 30 days after submission with insight on what may be possibly future breaking

Language: Typescript

Submission Instructions:

contribution to Grape GitHub repo Grape Labs · GitHub in specific GitHub - Grape-Labs/grape-dashboard: Grape Dashboard
Code should be successfully merged & accepted to the main repo


Added to Bounty Kanban.

Post reserved for future updates.

Discussed today. We 100% want to do it.
Idea came up to add a design/UX-part to this bounty, what do you think Kirk?

Bounty is accepted on 20th September.

Content: as is.

Creation: 5k GRAPE
Completion: 1k USDC + 166k GRAPE

Bounty has been completed, pending live deployment shortly today

Can be tested at Grape Dashboard

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