[BOARD][Agenda] Jan 9th 2022

Preliminary agenda for Board Meeting, Jan 9th, 2022:

  1. Discourse (tags, topic structure, categories, etc.)
  2. New prospects and removal (guideline)
  3. Non-English subDAOs (structure & multilingual support)
  4. On-chain voting
  5. Tie Skill Roles to subDAOs (mandatory)
  6. December Emissions
  7. DAO Call topics discussed (in absentia), who presents them?
  8. Proposals:
    – Open proposals (review and prioritization)
    – proposal status tracking & execution
    – Assigning proposals to/for subDAOs

If there is time:

  1. Partner Server Awards
  2. Monthly Report (Status Update Jan 2022: SCORE-ing - SAIA Dao - DAOhaus)

Please feel free and add the topics that you want to address!
@Arximedis @BloodBath1 @Dim_Selk @DyNite


can we leave a spot for an open discussion/Q&A about December emission. Ideally want to get it out for on-chain voting soon after

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