[Agenda] DAO Call - Feb 27th 2022

Preliminary agenda for DAO Call: 2022-02-27T13:00:00Z:

  1. New prospects and removals @Dim_Selk | @Arximedis
  2. [VOTE] Create $GRAPE Strategic Fund For Time-Sensitive Allocation @Arximedis
  3. [Discussion] Sales Emission @DAO-Board
  4. Partner Server Allocation for “The Sanctuary” @DeanMachine
    [VOTE] Partner Server Awards - Partnership Initiative: The Sanctuary (7 Members) @Arximedis
  5. Nft council membership @BloodBath1
  6. Protocol Owned Liquidity @Whale_s_Friend
  7. February Emission updates/questions @Dim_Selk | @DyNite
  8. Giveaways and transparency @Takisoul

If there is time:


I’ll do my best to join this call!

2 things I’d like to add to the discussion

-DAO board elections. This really deserves alot of attention imo. Im going to suggest how id structure this here

  1. Create a form for people to share their interest in running for the board – we should do this asap so we can gauge interest.
    2)Set a date (id suggest March 6th) where we can go over the submissions and create dedicated channels for them in Discord. That channel becomes their campaign HQ and only they can post in that channel
    3)Set a date for the vote (id suggest March 14th-March 21st) – this could be done on-chain I think or we could have a discord bot/discourse vote worst case

4)Transition calls once the new board is voted in (suggest March 24 and March 28)

-New DAO prospect form. Made suggestions in the DAO board for some questions but would be a nice exercise for more people to be involved.


Also want to add in the agenda a topic we briefly discussed on Tuesday.
How do we handle giveaways and the transparency needed (& consequences) for announcing winners etc.


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