Partner Server Allocation for "The Sanctuary"

This proposal is to allocate our partner server awards program for this epoch towards granting 7 Gorilla Roles to the Sanctuary council members and subsequent honorary induction into our Grape DAO.

The Total Amount of $GRAPE required to ensure Class A Membership in the next Epoch is approximately: 23,655 $GRAPE per Member (22,555 $GRAPE plus, 1,100 $GRAPE emission expected).

TOTAL $GRAPE : 165,585

The Sanctuary is an official Solana grassroots community DAO dedicated to creating resources, community, and organization to Solana NFT communities that have been rugged, abandoned, or otherwise let-down. The Sanctuary provides council, leadership and guidance to help house, lead, and inspire these projects to reclaim their value via the Entangler. In addition to project reclamation, The Sanctuary strives to lead by example through generous community building and giveback, allowing everyone a home and a place to feel recognized and to be made whole again.

The Sanctuary and Grape are aligned on vision, ethics, and passion. With this grant, we can provide their team with an avenue to integrate with the Grape community, as these select individuals have a public track record of building tools and communities on Solana to date, regardless of the challenges. This will lead to

-Increased support for rugged projects through the Grape skillforce

-More exposure for Grape and for Sanctuary

-More NFT communities for the Grape NFT Dex

-An expanded Grape DAO team (5 core members are rockstars: Levi.korg, Angered Bees, ExiledApe, j0hanna and Kemosabe). 2 more members will be decided by this team of 5

This can also be the beginning of using the Grape token for anti-spam/interest validation by requiring rugged projects to stake a certain amount of Grape to get derugged. This is one example out of many that could see our aligned visions merge

Sanctuary Projects and DAO’s

Finished --The Exiled Apes

In flight – Bears Reloaded (Solbears) ,Solcats , Solbunnies, Sol Slatts, Sol Mushies,Wretched Waters, Senshi Samurai

Interested and interviewing – Galactic Geckos, Crypto Greeks


I strongly support taking this opportunity to bring the The Sanctuary & Grape closer.

Personally, I’ve grown to admire the members of this community and the amazing work they’ve done and continue to.

Excellent initiative and well worth the allocation.


I wasn’t aware of Sanctuary till i watched the MtDAO stream.
My initial thoughts are that they seem to be providing a respite for the solana community, though very early in their journey. My concern is their product/service isnt as mature to warrant a partner server allocation.

That being said, partnering with a grassroots organization could have its benefits, sort of like a member acquisition and the utilisation of grape for derugging as you mentioned.
By coincidence, their realms has exactly 7 people voting.
Are these the 7 people being allocated class A?

If this is to pass, is there a way to stream them the grape while they have class A upfront?


TLDR; In my humble opinion, having followed the individual members of The Sanctuary for several months now, there is a wonderful amalgam of talent, experience and character here (both intellectual & ethical).

Rarely do synergistic opportunities arise that are as clear in the present, as they become in hindsight.

Regarding the Sanctuary Team: The word “lean” takes on new meaning here.

More recently, The Sanctuary Team supports communities in ways that are generous, altruistic and ambitious, while their past accomplishments and current focuses compliment GRAPE in ways that may not be immediately apparent.

I’ll spare you the enumeration of the extensive backgrounds of each of the Sanctuary members, but note that each of the prospect members have earned their places in the Solana ecosystem in helping to develop key NFT projects or protocols, continue to innovate solutions that solve key challenges, built or are rebuilding communities they helped to found &/or save, and, share mutual sentiment & support Grape’s values and initiatives.

Regarding the Partner Server Allocations:

This is a pretty significant moment for GRAPE & The Sanctuary. The Partner Server Awards were always meant to be utilized in a manner that was targeted and focused on Communities with “common values” and Grape members (which The Sanctuary has). Partner Server Allocation exists, and past endeavors were broader in their attempts to reward Community members. Prior allocations were broadly applied to many individuals across multiple projects, however, an alternative suggestion that was also proposed, and deemed appropriate given the right circumstances, was to identify key projects and people that contribute to communities on Solana. This proposal is taking the opportunity discussed during past DAO calls on “how” to utilize the Partner Server allocation, and this was one of the two approaches outlined.

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This is the ideal partnership for GRAPE on so many fronts. Some thoughts:

  • Already a name in degen NFT communities. “Sanctuary” is by default an option when a community is rugged and wants to take over.

  • Currently experiencing a derug with Sanctuary in Senshi Samurai. The process is clear and laid out; they handhold the community throughout the process.

  • Partnering early up with Sanctuary is actually ideal as it leaves a lot of upside on growing together.

  • This partnership opens up an opportunity for GRAPE workforce e.g. admins, mods, artists, designers, developers etc. etc.

  • A good chunk of NFT degens think of GRAPE positioned as a verification tool only. This partnership will help GRAPE brand away from that and allow us go for a broader enabling communities narrative I feel we’re going for with the DEX coming out.

  • Sanctuary charges for its services so it’s likely going to be financially secure and less likely to fizzle out - in fact they’re tackling one of the biggest problems in the crypto ecosystem and this proposition will likely grow. For instance, Senshi Samurai unrug will likely net them $20k in entanglement fees (minus all the associated costs at their side) and they have at least 5 projects in the Sanctuary at different phases of the process. I feel they might have a sustainable business model here. Point being they aren’t looking for a financial hand out from GRAPE

  • GRAPE community can be a part of derugs by sponsoring entanglement costs and having royalties from trading come to the community treasury. There was prolonged discussion in Senshi server about how to manage the entanglement cost and the community eventually decided on paying out of pocket. Some people were willing to front the cost but the community wasn’t comfortable with “strings attached” fronting of the costs by individual members. Having a trustworthy DAO front the costs would be a different proposition altogether. Couldn’t help but think this is connected to the sale of community emissions discussion. Could go into these partnerships with significantly more fire power.


I think another potentially explosive strategic benefit is the potential traffic derugged communities will bring to the Grape NFT Dex.

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Great initiative, and the benefit from merging or I would say the collab in between both servers will add value and more expertise …!
add to it the Idea of using Grape as a collateral for launching projects is another utility that will add more value for the token , if it can be achieved.

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