[Discussion] Partner Server Awards for December

I made this a discussion because the emissions have already been decided for this allocation (200,000 $GRAPE) and I dont expect to see many proposals this late in the month

I propose we give these to partners that have contributed to the tools we are using

Mango - governance
Raydium/Orca - liquidity
Socean - protocol owned liquidity
SSC NFT - we’re using Genesis RPC

We would only send to grape verified holders of these assets

If there are other tools or opposition to one of the suggested ones please discuss below
Please counter with a different targeting proposal if you have another idea and we can discuss for finalizing on this Sunday’s DAO Call.


I support the choice list outlined and suggested.

I was also thinking of whether there is value in adding 1 focus project each epoch, like SMB/MonkeDAO to the list, or cross-community opportunities that support the ecosystem growth narrative. Eligibility would again only be for Grape Holders that are part of both communities.

Possible name for this reward: The Solon Award

Just my 2 Grapes.


If we were to add one focus project for each epoch, might I suggest an ‘up and coming’ server/project that GRAPE feels could be a mainstay in the future. The primary purpose is to recruit newer people to the GRAPE server/community. Even if just a small portion just granting several C memberships or a couple of Bs this project.

Most ppl lend those assets or use them in “complex” ways mango and friktion for example or socean lps or listed their NFTS and since we dont track those routes are we gonna end up rewarding few noobs that just hold them still in their wallets? maybe im wrong here need some enlightment. Love the idea to indeed send to those projects rewards but is it feasible?

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+1 to what BloodBath1 is saying.

Using Raydium & Orca to trade, providing liquidity, and holding their tokens are different things.

As for the Mango part, it’s not clear to me. Are we referring to staking GRAPE there for voting reasons?

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Thank you and @Dethelor for the thoughtful questions regarding execution

For Mango – most of those tokens I believe are in the governance program. We already know how to target that

same for Raydium staking and Orca staking

Socean, im not as aqcuainted with and it might pose an issue

SSC NFT is no problem at all

Hope that answers the questions!

And id like to suggest we also add Stylish Studs to the list as they will be giving us a VIP Suite for our community to use!

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Best staking APY’s of RAY and ORCA are not in their platforms though so ppl stake in Francium or Solend for example? Katana itself has 2682874.88 MNGO locked for example. But yeah it seam we will rewarding the people that are kinda hodling still or do blindfold mooves, we should reward the OGs to thought he ones that try new platforms and strategies in the space finding better yields.

there is over 200 million mango in the governance program. are you saying that those people are less informed?

We are rewarding people that are more active in Solana. I would posit that people in governance votes are more involved than yield hunters


can you suggest the full plan you are suggesting here? id like there to be something to discuss on Sunday vs just opinion at the moment

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The screen shot is from a past vote that ended 3 days ago. That doesnt mean they are still locked there. I was just thinking outloud saying that we are rewarding certain people instead of the community as a whole. We can instead donate to the treasury of each project instead of indipendant wallets, and they can find a way to allocate, yet again this will not look very good for grape who wants to be the distributor player.

We can wait on that maybe find a way to connect it to our bonding programme, insetivize people from those communities that buy our bonds and drop to those wallets? Is this an approach we can explore?

why didnt you oppose this when @Whale_s_Friend added it to the emission plan over a month ago?

at this point – this has already been voted for – the discussion is how to share those rewards

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I dont oppose in rewarding those partners im for that, just looking the way to do it. We cant keep the Grape until we find one? Do we have a deadline?

Well im maybe biased but the SSC are forming a really loyal community ,they have 8300 members in discord which 2000 are verified holders. Very strong commitment and participation .
And i will add that they have given free unlimited RPC access to improve the Solana Ecosystem , they give 50 % of the NFT royalties to cover that cost,who does that?
I dont know any other protocol to have offered so much ,.

I can understand bloodbaths thoughts on giving it to a treasury and they can distribute as see fit, but I have to agree with dean that the people who have their mango staked in governance should have preference over those chasing yields elsewhere.
If our objective was to reward those helping the solana ecosystem, isnt the governance the right way to go?

In regards to SSC, hell yes.
they only have about 2% of the nfts listed on the marketplaces as a show of community strength and what they are doing for solana in general is awesome. As for distribution, I would say that only a set amount goes out to each nft since there are some grape verified so hold alot of SSC. smooth the curve a little.

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