[Vote] Partner Server NFT Awards

This proposal is for how to distribute the 200,000 partner server awards budgeted already in Epoch #2

Total airdrop:200,000
Eligibility: Be Grape Verified in one of the following servers AND be a Grape member (Gibbon, Great Ape, Gorilla). These servers were chosen based off the generous donations they sent us after setting up Grape Access.

Famous Fox Federation
Pesky Penguins
Crypto Cavemen
Galactic Geckos

Mulitplier: Gorillas will receive the most, followed by Great Apes, followed by Gibbons
Timing: If this vote passes, the snapshot will be taken on Saturday (11/27) and the drop would happen the following weekend (12/4)

  • Yes – LFG!!
  • Yes, but different process to select the partner servers
  • Yes, but no multiplier
  • Yes, but different timing process
  • No, I have a different idea for distributing these awards (add proposal in comments)

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You missed the abstention :laughing:


Initially I thought that sending more to gorillas would just lead to instant dumping as there is currently not known for the public if there will be more benefits of holding Grape other than membership and speculation. I thought that it would be better to find a way to allocate more funds to new individuals that could be interested in joining Grape - finding communities that do not have memberships at all.

But, after some thinking i have become more for the outlined proposal. Because it is in line with the norm in Grape where individuals are rewarded according to their interest.

And of course this will make a big impact in communities - that Grape and NFT holders are regularly rewarded making people look more into what Grape is and join the community.

In terms of resources to conduct this it will also be easy versus “finding new individuals”. So, I vote LFG !


Maybe announce the time for snapshot so there will be new individuals getting a membership just in time for the airdrop

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And details of the rewards: is this per NFT held, per GRAPE membership, per partner project ?

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Not sure if this conversation has been had.
Would this be a one-off? I could see an added benefit of having this proposal serve as an introduction to many NFT owners of what "GRAPE’ is and can offer, and hopefully retain some of these members (wonder if there is a way to track that)…already starting to see a bit of that in people joining B and A class with certain pfps.
If this were to be a recurring thing, it could strengthen our partnerships over the long term and potentially increase/incentivize donations from our partners as well (obviously that isn’t the goal,…but a potential by-product of this proposal)


Its going to be one unique drop per discord/wallet – so if you have all memberships and all NFTs – youd receive one gorillas worth on this drop – same as if you only had one nft

The important thing is to be verified!

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very good idea! should consider a different criterion from the one we took this time perhaps? donation was good when no one knew it would matter – maybe we switch it to a different variable that can yield a better result


will add it next time fosho!