[Discussion] Partner Server Awards Recipients

This proposal is to handle the allocation of the 200,000 GRAPE budget for Partner Servers

My recommendation is to use these analytics that show us which communities are holding the most GRAPE and reward them for being strong supporters

Ive attached it here for reference

Based on these stats – i would choose Solarians, Aurory, and JungleCats to receive GRAPE

A few things to discuss

1)Should we use a different metric/approach to selecting partners to reward with GRAPE?

2)Should we airdrop to holders or contact them for treasury address? Is there another way to reward them this GRAPE?

3)How do we communicate the benefits and the reasoning for this drop? Someone pointed out that the worst case-scenario would be dumping this GRAPE immediately, but with the correct communication i think that would be unlikely. The most powerful things to share are the events, the resources, and the content IMO


It’s not clear to me the purpose of giving these servers GRAPE. We are the ones providing a service to them, so it seems kind of backwards. What is our expectation for what they do with the GRAPE? Are we trying to incentivize something?

Also for those wondering, I believe the second column is total GRAPE held and the third column is the number of unique holders.


I think if we are giving out something we should expect something in return from our partner servers.


I think you and @Durden are right to be skeptical about the value of this initiative. Id also like to hear your ideas on how to use this budget that has already been voted on for this epoch.

Perhaps one way to approach this is in contest form again, where we have communities competing (probably in meme/content production) to win the allocation. That would help us identify new skill role members and create more content that we really do need


I think the question shouldn‘t be: Does GRAPE get something back? The question definitely needs to be: How can we make sure, they become active members of the Grape community?

So we should focus on the servers who have the most active members in both communitys. If thats the case, I totally agree with giving them $GRAPE.

Active commuity members = $GRAPE holders = event participation = spread the word

And also on the scholarship program, I think we need a video for that published on our twitter handle, and our writers could write something about it in the next newsletter. This will create more awareness of what we doing here. Cause lately I think proper information hasn’t been disseminated about the ongoing Scholarship program.


I like this idea. When its made, ill make sure its tweeted

A discussion first with @starflash and @Takisoul and then a workrequest would be the best order of events from here :slight_smile:


I think if we are going to give out Grape we should get something in return (new active users, engagement, brand recognition, etc…), and IMO people who receive Grape tokens without any effort will dump it immediately, I guess we can come up with a mutual competition that is announced by Solarians side to their community, Solarians did a promo Solarians NFT series with Orca, if they agree to give out some Grape promo NFTs the rewards can be to come up with new ideas of how Grape/Solarian NFT looks like or what attributes it can have, Also we can announce the first 20 Solarians holders with most grapes in their wallet can win some extra Grapes, This way some people are urged to buy Grape.

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I agree. We could set up a competition featuring our desired partner servers e.g grape in collaboration with solarians presents writing contest. To be eligible, you must have verified your wallet with the both servers. Don’t know if am making sense tho


I have a proposal that’s perhaps pertinent to this discussion. I intended to spend more time here and get involved before posting, but I might post it in next few days.


I agree. I like the idea of being generous and hopefully it should come back to Grape in some form. I’d hope for a reciprocal arrangement. I doubt all projects are so kind though. I’d perhaps favour communities and projects with a more positive ethos, rather than the ones with the most tokens. Re. expecting something in return, I don’t think giving should be conditional, so selecting projects that might share Grape’s values seems critical.


Ok, we had a productive DAO session today and came up with a good model I think not only works, but inspires alot of our decision making in how we work with other projects

We will quantify donations from every project so far. Its a tough task, but we have a good understanding of value that was donated from each partner server

We will grab a snapshot of all Gorilla, greatApes, and gibbons across the partner servers

We will then share the emissions with members of GRAPE that are also members of the communities that donated the most

This reinforces our mission to be a supporting project across solana by rewarding our existing members who are also members of these communtiies! If we continue this process, it should help increase donations (now there is a new incentive to be mindful of it), and it will inspire members of other communtiies to also be GRAPE members for these monthly rewards

Would love thoughts on this – but more importantly, please have another option or tweak to this concept. We need to have a bias towards action and come to a conclusion on how to execute on this budget item before December 1st!

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I don’t buy the idea of having just a pattern or strategy to do this as there are different set of people in these communities. Some communities have most members who are hunting for drops and rewards while some have most members as diamond hands and this would guarantee that most will not sell immediately.

We could also get to combine two or more criteria to select qualifies individuals for the airdrop. For example, you could distribute $Grape tokens to Aurory community members with the top holdings of $AURY who are on the Grape discord server and they have at least linked their wallets.

We should make sure each criteria for any airdrop to any community promotes growth on the Grape discord server too.


A question that came up for me while reading this was, do the servers/partners know that we ‘reward’ them based on XYZ? As with almost every behavioral reward system, you want to reinforce a certain behavior. So I asked myself, what do we communicate to them?
Also, if we, let’s say always reward the first 3, then it’s more likely that those 3 will stay at the top.
in general, I support the idea though.


Partner Server Emissions (Non-SOL)

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