$GRAPE giveaways at the Mountain DAO event

The Grape Network will have representation at Mountain DAO

Find more info here: https://mtndao.io/

Grape is one of the sponsors of the event and has deployed some amazing dev bounties.

During this event, we will connect with developers, legal experts, founders, and friends of solana!

I would like to request 140,875 $GRAPE (25 x Great Ape Tier) to be allocated for promotional reasons. As I will be there talking and building with other teams I will be able to identify potentially valuable additions to the Grape Community. I want to have the ability to recruit these members and directly airdrop to their wallets the amount of $GRAPE required to become a Great Ape and participate.

I will make sure to keep note of the 25 addresses ill recruit in order to know if these members stayed or sold. I will make sure to assist them live to verify their wallet and join the community. I will be airdropping the coins via an unused Phantom mobile wallet directly to the members’ wallets, at my discretion and without the need for further approval from the DAO.

Any $GRAPE not used will be returned to the community treasury!

If I receive positive feedback, I would like this to transition to an on-chain vote with an instruction by Friday 18th of Feb.

We will be attending Mountain DAO from the 18th of Feb till the 28th.


A bit short for an on-chain vote but the general idea is something that we should consider, especially for such events. Would it also make sense to not only give away Tier A but also B, or are your potential targets so ‘important’ that this would be considered an insult :sweat_smile:?


Great idea Whales , i know we are 2 days before the trip but we have to consider for future use maybe that a Grape golden member bla bla bla Nft ,would be more suitable for such cases .It would give accesses to any Tier we want , without the cost of Grape tokens and second without the fear of people just selling the tokens and never get involved.


I like this idea. Most apes seems to really enjoy being given an NFT and it provides a visual reminder of the project, whilst the SPL token can be more easily forgotten in a list of dust and junk airdrops.

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We only have the token for membership and people appreciate being given something that is tradeable and liquid. I think having the ability to airdrop directly from my mobile phone 5k grape to valuable solana builders will be more enticing than giving NFTs.


To clarify, Whale’s proposes to be able to give away 25 Class B (=Great Apes), not Tier A( Gorillas).


I love the idea. And giving away memberships is much more valuable than an NFT , which would be considered commemorative. Besides, considering time restrictions, memberships are a oneway on this.

The most exciting part for me is that through personal contacts there and networking, these memberships will most likely be consisted of interesting people to the least.


You’re absolutely right! Was half asleep already :smiling_face_with_tear:

A priest converts, once a priest always a priest! Stream that for us! Godspeed friend and safe travels.


I think I will prefer giving NFT, instead of giving out token, we need to consider the fact that these people we are giving membership too, how sure are we they won’t dump the token again. We need try to keep balance to both market price. Giving NFT should be better. And if even we will be insuring out token, I would say we should introduce the lock mechanism which Tariq was talking about…