[VOTE] Partner Server Awards - Partnership Initiative: The Sanctuary (7 Members)

1. Proposal Purpose:


This vote is to allocate our pre-existing approved emissions allocation this epoch in a focused and strategic manner. The vote is to Accept or Reject the pre-approved Partner Server Award Emissions Allocation this epoch towards granting 7 Class A Gorilla Roles to The Sanctuary council members and their subsequent honorary induction into our Grape DAO. The Sanctuary is an important partner within the Solana Ecosystem and deemed to be the most important partnership opportunities presented for GRAPE to build a synergy, to date. 7 Class A “Gorilla” Members in the next Epoch requires 23,655 $GRAPE per Member or a Total of 165,585 $GRAPE.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

The GRAPE DAO & Community are seeking to develop a stronger partnership with The Sanctuary Team & Community: “an amalgam of talent, experience, character (intellectually & ethically)” and shared values that align with GRAPE on multiple levels.

About The Sanctuary: The project, team and community supports Solana communities in ways that are generous, altruistic and ambitious, while their past accomplishments and current focuses compliment GRAPE in ways that may not be immediately apparent.

Each of the prospect members have earned admirable reputations in the Solana ecosystem whether through helping to develop key NFT projects or protocols, past or current innovative solutions that solve key challenges, built or are rebuilding communities they helped to found &/or save, and, share mutual sentiment & support Grape’s values and initiatives.

Regarding the Partner Server Allocations:

This is a significant opportunity for GRAPE & The Sanctuary. The Partner Server Awards were always intended to be utilized in a manner that was targeted and focused on Communities with “common values” and Grape members (which The Sanctuary is believed to represent). Prior Partner Server Allocations were broadly applied to many individuals across multiple projects, however, an alternative suggestion that was also proposed during the inception of the awards, and deemed appropriate given the right circumstances, was to identify key projects and people that contribute to communities on Solana. This proposal is taking the opportunity discussed during past DAO discussions on “how” best to utilize the Partner Server allocation, and this was one of the two approaches outlined.

Proposal Discussion Reference: Partner Server Allocation for "The Sanctuary" submitted by @DeanMachine

3. Stakeholders

Partner: The Sanctuary
Members (7):

  • levi | korg.sol#9650
  • ExiledApe#4705
  • Angered Bees#3693
  • KEMOSABE#5506
  • Darth | Shiba#0001
  • fLabber#5066
  • j0hanna#2474

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

Total $GRAPE: 165,585
$GRAPE per each of 7 Class A “Gorilla” Members: 23,655 $GRAPE


Allocate GRAPE Partner Server Awards to The Sanctuary [7 Grape Members]
  • :white_check_mark: ACCEPT GRAPE Partner Allocation to The Sanctuary
  • :x: REJECT GRAPE Partner Allocation to The Sanctuary

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But something is wrong here in your calculation? Some members you propose here have already a class. fLabber#5066 for example is a B member already so we don’t need to allocate a full class A membership to him but just the difference A-B. Since you put such energy and time in your post I expected the exact number of GRAPE needed to be calculated and proposed.


The amount outlined is the maximum required to ensure each member achieves Class A membership, if they were at 0. If the full amount is not needed - it shouldn’t be utilized.

The TOTAL $GRAPE is same referenced in the initial discussion (which I provided), but seems no one commented on that before this vote - so good to see this question arise for confirmation/clarification.

Thanks for taking the time to check and confirm here - members and amounts will be confirmed prior to sending, as well


yep thnx next time id rather have it proposed as exectuted so i can vote yes.

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