PARTICIPATE: GRAPE DAO Members for REALMS Solana Governance - Testing & QA - Phase 1

1. Proposal Purpose:

@DAO Members that wish to volunteer and test the new GRAPE REALMS Solana SPL On-Chain Governance module to confirm interest and willingness to participate.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

GRAPE has been actively involved and partnering with the Solana Governance Initiative, REALMS, that enables DAO governance, Voting & Treasury Management. After preliminary testing over the course of the past several weeks on dev/test nets, GRAPE now has a dedicated environment to be utilized for broader testing & quality assurance with the assistance of any GRAPE DAO Members that wish to participate.

OVERVIEW: REALMS provides Solana-based Communities & DAOs the opportunity to manage and maintain proposal submissions, discussion, voting, & treasury management on-chain, relative to the results of a particular vote.

Within REALMS, there are 2 types of roles that enable access to engage in Governance functions:


2.) Community “Governance” Members - By Depositing $GRAPE [CAUTION: DO NOT DEPOSIT TOKENS UNLESS INSTRUCTED]

NOTE: “COUNCIL” as a term - is not to be confused with recent terminology referenced here: PROPOSAL: DAO Organizational Updates - GRAPE Councils - #7 by Arximedis)


  • Users who wish to participate will confirm the wallet address they wish to utilize to receive a Council Token
  • The URL location & other details will be provided following responses to this request, as there is still a need to provide additional instruction & documentation
  • GRAPE tokens are only used for Community “Governance” and should not be committed or deposited until ample instruction is provided.
  • Council tokens are to be provided by GRAPE members facilitating the implementation testing & QA.
  • There will be alternative versions to test on: mainnet-beta, testnet or devnet

This is a request for DAO member that wish to help conduct the first tests in the new GRAPE DAO REALMS UI to submit a response in this thread confirming their willingness and desire to do so


  • Testing will commence & first proposal to be submitted on 12/26/21 with a 6 Day window to execute
  • DAO Members who confirm availability, will likely need to assist in testing/QA by the end of December.

3. Stakeholders

DAO Members who wish to participate

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

At present no cost, but may require committing X Amount of GRAPE in the future after PHASE 1.
Preview Link - Please DO NOT DEPOSIT ANY Tokens Until Instructed: Governance | Solana

Volunteer to participate in New GRAPE REALMS Phase 1 Testing?
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  • NO

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Why the Voting Module Above?

  • The voting module above is to quickly capture participants, not a YES or NO on whether testing will or will not happen, as that was already unanimously decided.
  • The vote will actually collect the names as it’s been set to “Show Who Voted” for Volunteer Options
  • Not to vote on whether we should or should not test.
  • It will also show the results immediately - meaning we don’t need to wait until Sunday to see you want in. Click “YES” if you want to Volunteer :slight_smile:
  • The LABEL “Participate” is meant to capture this in a manner that identifies this as a proposal to participate, not to execute :wink:

Perhaps someone can clear up a lack of understanding on my part: So, it has been said that no matter what, the community will be able to vote. Sounds good. It has also been my understanding that holders of council tokens will have a monopoly on creating proposals. It seems to me that a logical conclusion could be that if these council holders never have a quorum, the community will never have a vote and thus nothing will proceed. I imagine this can’t be the case because that would be inane; however, can someone help me understand how this potentiality could be mitigated or prevented? Thanks.

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Look’s great! Love to help test if it is still needed here.