Grape DAO Council Governances and settings

The GRAPE DAO is using the spl-governance program on Solana, using the default instance → GovER5Lthms3bLBqWub97yVrMmEogzX7xNjdXpPPCVZw

GRAPE token used for governance 8upjSpvjcdpuzhfR1zriwg5NXkwDruejqNE9WNbPRtyA has no mint authority and the full supply has been minted.

Grape Realm → By2sVGZXwfQq6rAiAM3rNPJ9iQfb5e2QhnF4YjJ4Bip
Realm Authority → BUfya7kEAgoCGtN3SYXiPciVjoe4dCo8EfnEuvaMTfHs

For security to prevent any financial attack and administration the realm was setup with a council mint. Initially when we were discussing creating the Realm, the goal was to send a single council token to every DAO member. The mint authority and freeze authority was held on the community wallet. We were exploring the options of dealing of situations where the council is unable to reach quorrum i.e minting an extra token every epoch. 61 Tokens had initially been minted, following discussions by the community to stick to a temporary council of a few trusted members, with the goal of completely removing the council or adding more members to the council over time.

There are currently 4 council tokens, and the mint + freeze authority has been transferred to the realm authority listed above under the Wallet → Ef3AHWKWeowSugvyWkpdDGiKK8vBxXGcABfnABKb5rTr

The realm authority currently governs the council mint, and only existing council mint holders can make proposals which can be voted by the council and community.

In the previous DAO call we discussed making the following changes.

  1. Adjust the council quorum to 50% (this is now supported in v3) with 5 council members at least 3 council holders will need to agree to make any changes.

As (1) council token has been burned, I will be actively trying to educate and prepare more DAO members to step up and take responsibility. If we have no volunteers to take ownership, temporarily I propose we mint a token to Sebastian who is a core contributor to the Realms program. This will be a temporary measure until more members are added in the council.

  1. Disable the Vote tipping on all governances

  2. Adjust cool-off time i.e to 1 hour for proposals with low impact instructions attached and i.e 1 day for proposals with instructions which have a higher impact to the realm.

Any members in the GRAPE DAO who would like to volunteer to be one of the next council holders to be voted in, kindly reply bellow I will be here to help :slight_smile:

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Following Sebastians suggestion to use the new UI which is exposed under the Wallets → Rules → Edit Rules option

Went ahead and made a proposal to change the configuration to 50% quorum for council votes. Once this proposal passes and we confirm the quorum is correct, we should proceed with making the adjustments in the rest of the governances.

Current proposal to make changes to


As we initially started with a trusted group of Grape community members to be our council. It has been an honor taking upon the responsibility of being a trusted council holder and I personally vouch for @CryptoPawz to be voted in a guardian of the Grape DAO, based on both his persistent on chain governance activity and contributions to the Grape community.

I believe sticking to a council of 5 members potentially with also delegating to other members in the community would be an ideal fail safe mechanism for the DAO. The council should be able to achieve quorrum quickly, so moving to a council with too many members could defeat the purpose of protecting the DAO. Council rotation with new members could be a healthy alternative to rushing to get rid of the safety mechanism.


Nice suggestions… i also think @cryptopaw is the right person for the role. Good job.


As discussed in the previous DAO call, we should have a governance for polling and distribution of symbolic rewards. The current governance for F3RJjd9Zotaj7PKL7yHvJgyjzxq2iwV4rWDim3rGFLKV has no assets.

I went ahead and made a configuration change to enabled 24 hour voting by the community with the same 4% quorrum.

(1) Grape council token has been trasnfered from Billy to Cryptopawz

Have made a proposal to disable tipping, increase council quorrum to 50% and add a one hour cool off period to the following three governance wallets.

  1. B7bKkCv9wt2ps1ZSC5w3u2V98bKtH8JaersqAcBWb1kn

which is governing the following assets

  1. 6jEQpEnoSRPP8A2w6DWDQDpqrQTJvG4HinaugiBGtQKD
    which is governing the following assets

  2. CBkJ9y9qRfYixCdSChqrVxYebgSEBCNbhnPk8GRdEtFk
    which is governing the following assets

Settings adjusted explained bellow

  • When voter tipping is enabled, a proposal can immediately pass when it’s mathematically impossible for the proposal to go the other way. As our circulating supply needs to be updated by the council, it makes sense this setting is set to disabled. With the voter tipping disabled the proposal will need to run the full proposal time.

  • The current council setting was set to 4%, as the previous version of spl-governance did not allow a unique quorrum for the council vs the community. The proposed increase is 50%.

  • We have also added a 1 hour cool off period to prevent last minute voting, giving the council adequate time to take action if needed.

Currently the Grape DAO has 5 council token holders following the completion of the last proposal

  • Arximedis (248r9HpcRbJWNLWAgxzkdvH9a3Sw29mcKsxHAqxo75fA)
  • CryptoPawz (B4sPLzfPv8ZszXhrbjyf3Yekrq2kY4UwTd8iGQbv2XhJ)
  • kirk (KirkNf6VGMgc8dcbp5Zx3EKbDzN6goyTBMKN9hxSnBT)
  • Whale’s Friend (CinHb6Xt2PnqKUkmhRo9hwUkixCcsH1uviuQqaTxwT9i)
  • RipTyde (CAP3AmvvUSTHXG7imdHf31d6kNMJ84uos8Ro4AbhKWHS)

Last proposal Mint a Realms Council Token and transfer it to RipTyde:

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Like the cool off period.