[Agenda] DAO Call June 12th 2022

Preliminary agenda for DAO Call: 2022-06-12T13:00:00Z:

Brief updates:

  1. What is your vision of Grape? | Rewards, Compensations and Revenue@DAO-Board
    – business model vs non-profit sponsorship
    – setting up product team(s) vs bounties
    Grape Product Strategy?
  2. Proposals for compensation (Taki | Moderators/Community managers | DAO-Board) @DAO-Board
  3. Grape DAO vs. subDAOs vs independent DAOs @riderinred @discolove007
  4. [Proposal] DAO Board Election @discolove007

:white_small_square: :white_small_square: :white_small_square: Bounty Segment :white_small_square: :white_small_square: :white_small_square:

If there is time:

  • GRAPE Validator (next steps / proposal by Hanko)
  • ChapterX (design briefing) @DAO-Board
  • Security measures (GRAPE realms)
  • Knowledge transfer / bolster informed decision-making

Bounty Section
Discourse | Bounty Questionnaire | Trello | Weekly Call: Tuesday’s 12pm UTC


  1. Dev subDAO: Strata on Grape Dashboard
  2. Dev subDAO: Create an integration with the app.squads.so in a new section on the dashboard

Backlog, aka topics that deserve attention @DAO-Board

  1. Grape Membership Classes
    – Membership+ | Neanderthal Class
  2. Grape Marketplace
  3. Grape Membership NFT (revised summary and examples)
    Discussion thread: “Grant for UTILITY of GRAPE NFT”
  4. $GRAPE Rewards Incentives Pools for Realms Proposers & Voters (next steps) @Arximedis

Please feel free to add topics in the thread that you want to address!


Would like to talk about the security measures we can implement for the protection of GRAPE realms and its assets.
Either in the form of more education or actions we can take right now.


id like to discuss knowledge transfer or something similar where someone is responsible for educating the community – i see a general lack of awareness that is surprisingly not in favor of grape

if our own community isnt able to see the reality of how well we are doing, it is a huge opportunity we need to tap into immediately imo