Discussion thread: "Grant for UTILITY of GRAPE NFT"

Original discussion thread: GRAPE Membershipt NFT

Please use this thread to discuss ideas around what approach we should take around the “Utility” of GRAPEs NFT and help us decide where to go.

1.) What NFT Usecases or utility should it have?
2.) Help identify how the can the NFT be used

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Sorry to be negative, but PFP is a super crowded and competitive market, where most projects fail (or will before long).

IMO a Grape PFP would have a high probability of failure.

I think a Grape NFT should perhaps be a unique, innovative utility NFT in keeping with / enhancing Grape’s services.

  1. An NFT that solves a specific, genuine problem with DAO governance.

  2. An NFT that solves a specific, genuine problem in NFT communities’ Discords.

This was a previous idea I had. I’m not suggesting a return to this, but It is an example of what I’m referring to; an innovative new product that could be offered to partners. Grape NFT would serve as test-run / proof of concept.

  1. The problem that I’d personally like solved:

A simple, clean gallery space with direct integration to an NFT market.

IMO grape.art seems ideally suited (NFTs remaining in your wallet).


I like the look of this project. It’s tiny. I’ve communicated with them and they’re friendly. I know nothing more of them. A partnership to create Grape Gallery NFTs could be very beneficial to all.

Solaris is a project I hold. They should have exchange.art integration. But it’s an expensive and perhaps over-complicated metaverse project.

Maybe Grape Gallery NFT could be a free mint for people who buy / sell via grape.art during a fixed time period (1-4 weeks), either a fixed supply via lottery or limitless to all.


Ah first

wen grape? (a digital vanitas)

when I wrote my Membership NFT proposal i included Pavalsan’s previous dynamic NFT proposal and at the back of my mind I knew I’d seen another NFT propsal previously but didn’t spot your’s in a search, ill update that for 1!

Second and more to the point I don’t think your being negative at all, I think a NFT collection for the sake of an NFT collection certainly wouldn’t do well.

After todays call I was theorycrafting more about how we could pitch a grape NFT collection and I was keeping in mind what Dean was suggesting that if we keep things relatively staight forward with a pfp collection it may be best before trying to tackle larger technical problems. I was also thinking along the lines of a free mint or very very low cost mint as a proof of concept/ gauge of interest and a way of promoting the grape.art marketplace.

What I’m weighing that up against is a low cost mint which again effectively acts as a proof of concept but also a raise to allow for futher development to address technical problems that a second ultility collection could address or indeed to support the Gallery NFT collection (if we could realise a Gallery NFT collection for low cost through a collab, without a raise that’d be ace).

The reason i was considering a free mint over a costed one was the higher the price put on an NFT the greater the expectations are and the more clear and well thought out goals and a roadmap would have to be to ensure its execuated well.


I agree, if the objective is promotion of grape.art, a free mint could be great.


Not really decided on whether the NFT should have utility or not.

One utility I thought might be cool is for the NFTs to be dynamic and evolve based on your community activity:
-your governance activity & voting power.
-whether you get a skill role or not
-attend x number or live events (will have to use POAP options in these cases)
-other interesting and cool stuff we can adopt (community lore?)

The whole idea is the NFT represents your community activity. (IDEA: Expand this as a service/concept to other communities??)

On the other hand, re: free mint or not, I see good points in the free version, as a proof of concept (then perhaps introduce the utility, which will have to spend -preferably burn- Grape to evolve?)

After we establish the proof of concept (identifying potential difficulties issues we might not be aware at the moment) then we can possibly move to a next one (or introduce evolution).

Admittedly, I am out of my depth here so I would love some input from people more knowledgeable to make me understand the level of difficulty I am asking through my ideas.


Grape’s token economy now has no buying scenarios except for the promotion of membership levels. In fact, this is a cycle. A good operation is a good cycle, and a bad operation is a vicious circle. The current hot spot is obviously NFT, and the most active community is also the NFT community. We cannot miss this opportunity. Using NFT to increase the purchase scene and token consumption scene of grapes, I think blockSmith has done a very good job in this regard, they made NFT staking, I got $forge through NFT staking, and then $forge can be used to buy prize tickets , and participate in the wl lottery of the cooperative community. All the $forge I got is used to buy prize tickets. Although the probability of winning is not high, I am happy to do so, because there are indeed some very good NFT cooperation projects, and the wl of those projects is very valuable.

If you are interested, you can go to https://mercury.blocksmithlabs.io/store# to see, a large amount of $forge is burned every day, which to a certain extent pushes up the value of the NFT they issue, which is obvious. Because they specialize in whitelist verification, they have data from various cooperative communities, which is also helpful for them to screen high-quality nft projects for cooperation. In fact, the verification module of grape can also be used to analyze data in this area.

But I found a problem, Grape Verification may be slowly losing a part of the market, I don’t know how the team plans in this regard, but I hope Grape will still strengthen the verification experience and increase market share, because it is related to Grape’s popularity , the verification can be integrated into the same interface with the wl lottery, so to promote the verification of grapes is to promote the wl lottery store that may be launched by grapes in the future


I am for mint with grape.
I just casually thought of this idea now. What if the membership NFT is separate from the pfp?
I already explained how I see the membership NFT working here :point_down:

So membership NFT serve as whitelist for pfp → whitelist = free mint

And thereafter public get to mint for a small fee which will be donated back to the DAO treasury or used for any other purpose that benefits grape and the holders/community. (this is me stealing from serum surfers approach)


Grape Gallery NFT

A idea:

Every buyer / seller via grape.art mints / receives a free Grape Gallery NFT.
This is a simple, clean, 3D gallery space which displays the other NFTs in the holder’s wallet and integrates with grape.art Approaching an NFT within the gallery and pressing B key (for buy) opens a console / window with buy now / bid options.

IF x% of revenue from grape.art royalty were diverted to Grape Edition Fund. This fund could be used to commission 1/1 Artists to produce the artwork required for generative mini-editions. These editions would be free to the X number of users who have transacted the most via Grape Gallery that month. Artists would also receive their 5% royalty on secondary market, as much promo as Grape can give and perhaps also a show of their 1/1 works in a Grape Gallery.

Phase 1: incentivise using grape.art by offering a free Grape Gallery NFT
Phase 2: incentivise using Grape Gallery NFTs by offering Grape Editions NFTs
Maybe a discount on fees for 1st month also?

I like the model of forgoing any revenue from the NFTs and using them as means to drive traffic to grape.art and try and take some market share. I noticed that recently Magic Eden reached 10,000,000 SOL volume.

Metaverse projects are planing market place integration, but Grape Gallery would be free and with almost no editing features.


Is it possible to paste pdf files here? I have some texts i wrote about how we could upgrade grape specifically on those parameters we see on the graph.
I can also paste text here but its like 1 pager.


And i also have 1-2 more i think :smiley:

Perhaps we can incorporate some type of lottery to make it more fun to mint these NFTS

25%, 50%, etc…

A neathderthal, an NFT, a call with Cryptopawz

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First I would love to say we could go for the same concept Marinade went which is lock ‘x’ tokens to receive your NFT.

  1. That way a Community member can use his NFT to vote on Realms, in a way lock his $GRAPE (Could also unlock by the same method Marinade does ~30 days) and in the end be part of the Grape Community and show case his pfp, use his NFT as a membership role since your NFT received represents the role you get, there might be more utilities that I’m not seeing right now but in the end the possibilities are infinite and creative dependent.

As @rustandmoth said we could also use the NFT to get royalties from grape.art and also make Grape members who own the NFT to enjoy 0% fees on the platform.

More feedback from our NFT Master @_Alexperts.sol could be heard in a DAO call about this subject.

  1. If i’m not wrong the second questions is the same as the first.

That’s all from me, of course more ideas pop up more when we are discussing all together.