Proposal: wen grape?

wen grape? (a digital vanitas)

An edition of 256 algorithmically generated NFTs.

Rarity rank variables:

“wen grape?” base image: day 1 to 30.

Fresh is preferable and far rarer than aged.

Momentos: pertinent quotes as pseudo watermarks.

Ultra rare (3%): Time-lapse GIF animation of all the images. These are purely collectables without utility.

Potential Gamification:

Holders of the 3 freshest Grape NFTs receive x amount of $GRAPE every month. Distribution at mint is weighted towards the low end of freshness.

A new “Juice” emoji is deployed in Discord. If someone posts something you deem particularly useful or interesting you add or click the “Juice” emoji. This is not dissimilar to the existing rewards system, but it is different and less formal.

I didn’t vote in the last round. I wasn’t really familiar with half the names, let alone their contributions. I will vote in the future, but the “wen grape?” system is an immediate vote in reaction to a specific post from anyone. Good for those of us with poor memory.

Juice scores are monitored and x amount of Juice transforms your NFT to a fresher (day younger) version. If the holder receives no Juice within x amount of time their NFT transforms to a day older version. Participation is rewarded. The oldest “wen grape” NFTs expire. An inactive holder should gift or sell. If the project fails the NFTs become rotten and worthless.

NFT holders can access a channel in Grape’s Discord where the rankings are displayed.

Personal Juice levels can be checked by anyone in Grape Discord by running a bot command.

Those who don’t hold an NFT may be tempted to buy one or they’re gifted. Reaching a certain level of Juice permits a non-holder to mint an NFT when supply permits, ie when older NFTs have expired.

Speculators / collectors may be unlikely to want to hold the NFTs. The rare time-lapse versions are perhaps for them.

Project Aims:

To bring more people to the Grape server, the community and token.

To reward good people and their contributions.

Why NFT? People love NFTs, rarity and gamification.

If this works and utilises a new Grape designed Discord emoji to NFT contract interface, it could be a very interesting product that many projects could want to use in their own Discords; a limited supply of dynamic NFTs that evolve or devolve in response to community interactions. A potentially great way to build and reward community participation. “wen Grape?” would be the beta test which could perhaps be extended into a few partner’s Discord servers.

I appreciate this may be technically challenging and would love to collaborate with a dev. I have no dev. skills or knowledge. I have other NFT projects concepts that are dynamic NFTs. SOL Parasites has arrived 1st to market on Solana (I think), but “wen Grape” would be unique and original.

Potential strategies to prevent the system being exploited (need development):

A user can only give x number of votes per week.

A single post can only receive a maximum of x votes.

A holder can only gain 1 freshness level per week.


The painterly trope of foreground objects protruding over edge, to seemingly puncture the picture plane is subverted by the watermark’s insistent reassertion of flatness; the lifeless, flat, flavourless virtual surface. Weighty, venerated prose is debased to serve as prosaic, crapulent watermark surface-skater.


we need a discussion on this! can you join on sunday and present? this deserves some attention!

very creative and love the idea it can be replicated for other grpae-verified servers


Thank you. I’ll be there on Sunday and if you’d like me to say a few words, I’d be happy to.

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All the figures I mention are just for the purpose of the proposal. They all need careful consideration and adjustment.

If you have dynamic NFT, people want to see them change. Ideally, if the system were all in-place, perhaps it’d be best if the NFTs could change daily. Maybe there shouldn’t be much limitation of how much Juice can be awarded to people. Crypto moves so quickly. Maybe the $GRAPE rewards would be better given every week. All the timings in the proposal are probably much too slow.

some decisions will need to consider the operational tasks also. paying weekly without using something like streamflow will be difficult

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