Utilise the merch left in stock from Athens Dao and make raffles in Grape (and potentially other community tokens)

Hello from me guys! Nice talk today !
So since we have Grape merch from Athens Dao we could make raffles in Famous Fox Fed using Grape. Its already integrated as token, so the only thing we need to do is create a NFT with the merch pictures. (probably a 15minute , “zero” cost job :stuck_out_tongue: )

What i also thought is make a few raffles in $FOXY and $DUST for obvious reasons.

Your boy, alexperts.sol :smiley:


Well most raffles should be in $grape and then $dust and then $foxy


i like this idea. and it could be a NEW subDAO service to working with @Takisoul

Merch on demand handled across the world by different providers based on location


Yes actually thisa was my only concern and you gave the solution.
I was thinking it would be costly and maybe damaging to make single postal transfers to other countries.

Therefore, should i consider talking to @Takisoul and try find merch providers on location?

I think we can make the same system like Solshades. I had the NFT and it was redeemable through a webpage.

We can make both:

  1. Raffles in $Grape $DUST $FOXY
  2. Sell the redeemable NFT for sol.

This way the DAO will gain some emissions too from the fees. (it will be small so we are all happy)


Great idea. Personally, I’d def like the $FOXY option. I don’t want to use my $GRAPE.

I like the idea!

If I dont get a water bottle, the people are gonna riot.


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