Grape Merch 1.0 for exceptional members

After AthensDAO, we have some stock left of additional Grape merch swag packs.

This proposal is to facilitate the delivery of that merch to exceptional Grape members.

Some information around the logistics of this:
-Merch is stored to the house of a certain Grape member (ahem).
-For any person we vote (see below) to receive Grape merch, the DAO should cover the shipping costs.
-Unfortunately, at the moment, I can not know the total estimated cost for shipping merch, so as I understand it the process is the following:

  1. We will need to come up with the list of people who are eligible to receive merch.
  2. I will be handling the shipping, since the items are located close to me. This means that any member that is to receive merch, needs to provide their full mailing address to me (in private) in order for me to be able to dispatch them.
  3. Once I have the full list of people, I will see that I make an estimation of the cost
  4. As soon as we have an estimated cost, we should set up an onchain vote on Realms, where should it pass, funds will be be transferred to me, so I can start the shipping.
  5. Most likely, there will also some additional cost for the packaging of the merch, I will need to find a solution and provide additional information (this should be paid by the DAO as well)

Below is a list of members that (to my knowledge) do not have any Grape merch and I personally think as a DAO , we should reward them by sending them Grape merch (provided you swag it on CT & tag Grape lol).

Please add in the comments anybody else you think is missing from this list.

(Edited the post to not include a poll, since that was not my intention in the first place; all I wanted was to create a list and got carried away w the poll option :smile: apologies for this)

  • Cryptopawz
  • Dynite
  • Riptyde
  • Avidlearner
  • Riderinred
  • GodsloveDAO
  • Tariq
  • Crex
  • Favour
  • Pontes
  • Pavelsan
  • Butter
  • Cavicon
  • CoffeeAttack
  • Potrok
  • Ridho
  • Rust + Moth
  • Scientistjoe
  • Ninja
  • Hanko

Great initiative, man! And great list you put together!

How many packs are there left? Maybe all of them can receive a pack?

Also Potrok was at the event, so I doubt he didn’t receive any merch!


Hanko from Soladex. He’s been doing some phenomenal work with deanslist.


Am supportive of this!


Wow, I feel honored that I was mentioned alongside legends especially Tariqstp omugo one (that omugo one thing I mentioned is an inside joke :joy:). Hope the merch comes in 5xl for people with big bodies like me :joy:


I can confirm the merch is well worth it, great quality and gets me all the ladies



I fully support this initiative, it’s a great symbolic gesture.


Thanks for this proposal @Takisoul can’t wait to rock my grape merch :purple_heart:


Thank you for including me in list! I’m not worthy. I intend to enter the raffles (Perts’ great idea) and would also gladly buy a t-shirt if the option were there.


Thanks guys, I really appreciate the kind words.


Thank you taki!!, I’m super excited.


Wow thank you …
I feel so happy :relaxed:


Kind reminder for any of the people listed here (& mentioned in the comments) who want to receive Grape merch:

Please provide me your FULL address (po, state, country etc) (dm me on discord) where you want the merch to be sent.

Please do the above by Friday, 15 July EOD.

After that, I am not going to be able to follow through on this earlier than September 2022.


Thanks for the hardwork on making this happen :woman_playing_handball:


Small Update on the above. I have collected addresses from the interested members.

Apologies but I haven’t been able to follow through due to irl (covid in the family).

Will try to gather cost estimation during next week but will not be able to send anything earlier than late August.


Get well soon brother :heart:

I would love to be on the merch list once Taki is back and healthy.

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Update on this. Other things equal, I will be able to figure out costs for shipping within the upcoming week.


Checking the list of people included for the Merch and who has provided their full address.

I only have addresses from:


In the list but Have not provided address:

Please provide your full addresses

Last deadline for this is EOD today.