Buy up to 50 Saga Phones for committed DAO Members

This is the reference thread for this Realms proposal: Pre-order 50 Saga Phones for committed DAO Members

This thread is intended to:

  1. List suitable candidates for a pre-order slot
  2. Finalize requirements a member must meet for them to get a Saga Phone

Pre-order proposal:

The proposal aims at pre-ordering 50 Saga Phones for committed Grape DAO Members, which requires a deposit of 5,000 (5k) refundable $USDC. These $USDC would be used to reserve 50 pre-order slots that later enable us to buy up to 50 Saga Phones from Solana Mobile (see reference below). The idea is to give up to 50 Saga Phones to exceptionally committed Grape DAO Members who show continued engagement and make Grape to what it is. As discussed in the DAO Call on July 24th, there will be a list of up to 50 candidates eligible to receive a pre-order allocation due to their work within Grape and the Grape DAO. This list will stay open no longer than the day when final orders can be placed. At that time, a member must meet additional requirements to be eligible for the full payment needed to obtain a Saga Phone, e.g., be able to create realms proposals. It has been suggested, though, that members on the pre-order list, who don’t meet these requirements, may keep the down payment of 100 $USDC if they transfer the difference needed to get a Saga. This way, the DAO recognizes their work and incentivizes engagement.

Here is the member list for a pre-order slot as of July 24th 2022:

  1. Alexperts
  2. Arximedis
  3. avidlearner
  4. Barndog
  5. Baruska
  6. Billy
  7. Butter
  8. Cavicon
  9. Coffeeattack
  10. Crex
  11. CryptoPawz
  12. Dean
  13. Dim
  14. Dynite
  15. Favour
  16. Godslove
  17. Jahris
  18. Kirk
  19. Legend
  20. Metaverse
  21. Pavelsan
  22. Pontes
  23. Portor
  24. Riderinred
  25. Ridho
  26. RipTyde
  27. Rust&moth
  28. Savage
  29. Scientistjoe
  30. Star flash
  31. Takisoul
  32. Tariq
  33. Whalesfriend

Let me start the conversation by posting what @DeanMachine suggested on Discord:

List of possible requirements:

  • be able to make a realms proposal (have 200k $GRAPE)
  • be a Neanderthal

Feel free to add ideas so that we’re ready once the Saga Phones can be ordered.

We also need to talk about the process of shipping the phones.


this is great. Having this puts the Gaming Council in a position to engage games which might want to build unique experiences there.

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Is the plan to get them initially sent to one user then distributed from there? As i see not all regions are eligible to purchase them from the site.

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can i be added to this list?