Getting Mobile Phones to DFA Academy for Solana Gaming/Grape Access

1. Proposal Purpose:

My aim with this proposal is several fold,
1/ Get 5x Mobile phones (Android) to DFA Academy along with initial data for 1 month per device.
2/ Get Gaming NFTs to these players either through donations from our supporting Solana Gaming projects from working with them and/or from our Vault - if new tooling comes about that makes this possible to retain the NFT, that would be the preference.
3/ Introduce the players into our Grape community and events, get them playing in events and participating within Grape, and even within the Solana Gaming projects with which they will be playing.

I do not want to aim to donate the phones and consider that a completed process and successful, the team (DFA Academy) will need to consider many topics include physical safety, mobile phone safety and storage, data usages and access, power access (yes we need to think how to actually make sure they have power), and of course safety within the crypto and discord space, and as a community protocol I’d love for us to help where possible.

The end goal is to make sure they can safely and proficiently use these donated phones to be able to set themselves up for their own data usage costs, and work towards growing the amount of devices and thus enabling them a higher chance of earning and LEARNING for the entire team. They are young boys obviously, so we need to make sure we consider extra factors and actually help them to safely navigate the space to empower them to then develop skills and opportunities they may not have otherwise.

It is worth noting that there are currently not playable Solana Blockchain games completely ready (that I’m aware of), this is to be ready for the wave that will be incoming, and we can start to safely teach these boys the above topics ASAP, and they can engage within our community immediately from there.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

I have spoken with DFA and Futuremind and we have located several bits of positive information of different phones, and data costs (the data is cheap ultimately - that’s a minor problem).

Tecno Camon 18 Premier - 6.7" (8GB RAM, 256GB ROM) Android 11 - 64MP Triple + 32MP Selfie - 4G - Dual - 4750mAh - Polar Night | Jumia Nigeria
$490 USD

Infinix Note 10 Pro - 6.95" FHD+ (128GB ROM,8GB RAM) Android 11 (64/8/2/2)MP + 16MP Selfie - 4G LTE - 5000mAh - Nordic Secret | Jumia Nigeria
$422 USD

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G 12+256GB N986U Android10 Single Sim 6.9 Inch Quad HD+ 108+12+12MP Tri-lens Camera - White | Jumia Nigeria
$875 USD

$8.92 = 20 gig (data costs are rough estimates converted from Naira to USD
$6.25 = 12 gig
$4.46 = 6 gig
$3.75 = 4.5 gig
$2.67 = 3 gig
$2.14 = 2 gig

These costs do not include postage and insurance atm. I personally don’t know the above 2 cheaper phones, I personally own and use an S8 and S20 FE.

In NG cell phones are very available and easy to acquire through a local online vendor. Which means a few things…

  1. There will be online receipts for proof of purchase/use of funds.
  2. This will take less time (shipping 2-7 days locally.)
  3. The Grape/Solana/USDC can be traded/sent to Binance for Naira (local currency) to purchase the phones.

3. Stakeholders

  • The best person to contact for additional information is DFA and Futuremind, who does help him with communication and chasing information for the charity organisation. I obviously have had to learn alot of these things, this has been a steep learning curve for me as well.

I absolutely welcome additional points to consider, I don’t want to rush sending things, we’ve taken time to find the access to purchase the phones, and plan to do delivery in stages. 1/2/2 phones at a time.

I truly believe it will be easy to get games to donate NFTs, and many other protocols releasing products like StepN with which I’ve started talks with (move to earn). This will alllow the boys to be a very real world benefit from Grape and a potential chance for us to help a community out from the ground floor. They will be able to re-brand and include us, they will be able to chase other sponsorships from mobile data companies, the list goes on for possibilities.

We don’t need to rush the 2nd and 3rd phase, but I do think starting phase 1 Immediately is a small cost to trial something that could be life changing.

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

My proposal is to get 1 Phone initially sent across to test this process, also to include postage/insurance and a small amount to also purchase a decent battery pack in case of power losses, and data considerations. I think initially data may get chewed up a bit, they are young boys after all, and we probably need to at least let them watch some kind of stream content to educate them as well via short online tutorials (language considerations here as well). I feel data is one of the least concerns initially from some of the listed points to consider.

1/ 1x Techno Camon + Sundries
$550 USDC

From there once successful I would propose to do:
2/ 2x Samsung Galaxy Note 20 @ $875 each along with $25 for sundries = $1800
3/ 2x Samsung Galaxy Note 20 @ $875 each along with $25 for sundries = $1800


What is the main purpose/benefit for Grape here? Is it mostly charity or to sponsor players for play-to-earn games (value accrual to Grape)?


It really is a mixture, just about every project atm is talking about sponsoring or donating, we have the power to do it, from a small outlay.

The value to grape comes from onboarding new people to crypto, a possible new generation of people, and puts us into frontline testing of some of these Move to Earn, or p2e games.

It’s a way we can do new things to advertise and highlight our current partners, and also allows a whole new avenue for partnerships and promotions.

I don’t want to promise a whole bunch of things we cannot deliver on, hence wanting to trial 1 cheaper phone first, to both make sure DFA can comfortably manage this, and second to see what additional issues arise.

I’ve had more chats with DFA and futuremind yesterday, they are worried about too many expensive phones in the vicinity, so my immediate aim is to test 1 phone with games and m2e styled products initially.

That really was always my aim. A super small outlay to see if we can make a real world difference and onboard new people at the same time.


I’m also struggling a bit with this, as I’m too not really sure what the goal is. But it seems to be something that is dear to your heart and I don’t want to come across as judgmental.
If our goal is charity, sure, why not. I can’t see any immediate benefit for grape though. You obviously have a lot of experience organizing events and maybe I’m too short-sighted here.

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I only see benefits here. It is an actual charity action which we can control (something that is always positive to do). Also great PR within the gaming community as well as crypto. We can definitely be vocal about this. I think the benefits of this proposal outweigh the cost.


Think this is a great proposal, I would also like to donate my next round of emissions to the DFA academy.


Love this initiative. Would the DAO be able to send the USDC to you to handle the entire deployment? Its process that will be the hardest to handle imo


I can’t see why not - it’s all on chain and give’s us a record regardless that way, USDC would be the simplest way as I can then just send that straight to DFA Academy without the need of converting.

We do only want to start with the 1 phone initially. Until we have 1 phone safe and testing a product having additional phones is more risk than reward initially as mentioned above


To give an update on this. Funds of $550 have been given to DFA Academy to purchase their first phone, and I have great comms with StepN. This will be the first game they can actually play in December and it works perfectly in with what they already do, in Football. StepN will tie in perfectly, the funds we sent were enough to buy 1 Phone, a small battery, and an armband to hold the phone safely while they are playing Football.

DFA is very vigilant in the fact that they may not have huge amounts of time to play all these games whilst at Football training, so we need to make sure we have an action plan that will be condusive to maximise the benefits to this group from these funds and the whole Solana Gaming concept.

We should be hearing more this week on the phone purchase and I will update again as soon as I’m aware, very excited to have a chance to do some real world things here from a small amount of $GRAPE



DFA has bought and purchased their first phone. They are ordering their armband to hold the phone while running, I have lined up for them to get a Sneaker Box from StepN for this phone as a donation (currently on Magic Eden for around 4 SOL). This NFT will give them a pair of game sneakers and from the games open Beta launch on the 20th of December they actually start to earn ingame $GST. With 2 pairs of sneakers they can actually breed more sneakers.

The initial goal was to do 1 phone and see how it went, then get 2 better phones and continue those to scale it up until we had 5 phones. I will chat avidly with DFA about this, we don’t want to rush the process, but the fact we can actually get them earning $GST immediately in game, will mean they can actually pay their own data and that going forward as of immediately, and then hopefully once we get to the next stage, we can get it so they can breed their own sneakers and so on.

Not gonna lie, pretty fucking excited about a small thing we’ve done here, that could lead to much bigger for them!



I’m happy to have seen this come to fruition as you fought hard for it.
You have brushed this with stepN right? a potential avenue for further sponsorship from their side.
Creating small ecosystems of play to earn or in this case movetoearn is def asmr


Yes - STEPN will donate NFTs every time we get them a mobile, they’ve even offered to help them with marketing as well. I think the two of those items together will be fucking amazing, and makes me super fucking excited, tomorrow the STEPN is actually usable, they can be earning immediatel, and once DFA is comfortable we will propose for the next 2 phones.


We’ve had a great start from this initiative - 4 videos in the last 2 weeks from DFA. The boys received an NFT from STEPN and they got runners 9-15 km/h, so it was a little learning curve for them, but they’ve got the hang of it, and are earning GST and levelling up their sneakers and progressing in the game to increase their earning potential.

They go back to training tomorrow (from Christmas break) on the 5th January and we are ready to request funds for the next 2 phones. Since we started this initiative we have realised we don’t want to purchase the more expensive phones and create added risks and exposure, so the actual first phone we purchased, the Techno Camon is the phone we would like to stick with.
$490 USD

My request for this is $1,000 USDC - that will allow enough to purchase 2 new phones, and include money for data and again we will get already approved NFTs from STEPN - meaning we can get these phones to them immediately and earning.

STEPN has been big and offered additional help through either offering additional help to advertise and even offered to get the boys funds to purchase additional phones, so I had thought with the next $1k from Grape, and additional help from STEPN we can get these boys their 5 phones fully operational ASAP - and with those they can actually start to earn/breed/grow their own situation there.

My intention isn’t to get them these 5 phones and then forget about the boys, things will only get better once they can earn their own funds to grow their own space, there’s always things to consider like advertising, maybe a new set of jumpers for the boys which actually advertises us Grape Protocol and other partners that make it happen for them. Ultimately with this partnership DFA can then go and get help from phone service providers and all kinds of things, I think the quality of the videos have been amazing from DFA, we have had help from our Designers and Videographers as well to design new thumbnails and intro/outtros for these video.

Probably one of the greatest things I got the opportunity to work on at Grape in 2021, and it started by saying yes and putting a few funds aside from our treasury, I am excited to see how the space growns in 2022, and following up more new initiatives both with these boys and then later in the Solana Gaming space.


That sounds really good. it will make them more excited and able to train even harder. it might also make the other, slightly lucky kids more motivated. some of them will be great players in the future. I’m happy to be able to contribute a little to them.


yes, and if the team of DFA grows the sneaker amounts and level, they can mint, make new ones, do all kinds of things to grow the space, and I’ll be there to give them extra information as they need it :slight_smile:


This initiative is my favorite project in all of Grape. Real world effect, a growing team, amazing work ethic and its just the right thing to do.

I’ll be elevating this to a on-chain vote and increasing the funds requested to 5k – i dont think we should need to return to a DAO vote often on this and I want there to be enough funds for us to move forward seamlessly

You can find my proposal for this here

Here is their YouTube with the recent unboxing video


I really like this project and super happy to support it. Great work here everyone. I’m also excited to see where it goes… :heart_eyes: