Gaming Council Proposal - 5k $Grape payment each for Feb, March to be assessed

1. Proposal Purpose:

To reward a team of people concentrating on Solana Gaming, research, development, work towards managing assets and pushing Solana Gaming into it’s own subDAO eventually if we think we are ready. I want to help games more than just getting them into Grape for 1 AMA, charging 10k $GRAPE them sending them on their way. I also 100% believe we haven’t garnered anywhere near enough assets in our own DAO towards having positions in some of these 3.0 Games that will burst into the scene this year.

I don’t want to make this about saying let’s get 50-100 SOL from the treasury, I actually don’t need that, I want people that will be helping to receive an emission, and through their own work in the system they will earn and achieve WLs and aim to mint themselves and actually increase their own assets along the way. I want the emission for ppl for work done, and to feel that their work is valuable to the community through reckognition and earnings, money is easy to make along the way.

I already have initiatives in place, I’ve still got some assets from games, and through my work at STEPN have managed to have 1 NFT/week for additional design work once we fire that up properly.


To study and go deeper into projects and games takes time. In the past usually that has been me researching games, if they pass my own research levels (and at times I don’t go deep enough) then I will usually reach out to their team an try to talk to them before I work out - should we want to know them at Grape, do I think they are genuine contendors to being something positive in Solana Gaming.

This is where I really need additional eyes on projects, some people look at games that they are interested in personally, or may attract them, but we don’t have near the amount of time in a day to do ALL the games. I know I’ve missed opportunities with introducing game to Grape and our members, and in turn we’ve missed things as a DAO by not exposing ourselves to those projects. For me to consistently bring new projects into Grape stage, I should be going much deeper into those projects, and then also need help managing and creating spreadsheets, information for our members to peruse over and see what we are doing and reviewing.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

I would like the Gaming Council to receive a monthly emission for work done in continuing my own work, but to a much deeper level. I would think 5,000 $GRAPE a month at current price ($150/month) is lowballing it, but I want this to happen from this month of February, and if the team works at getting some of the things done I think we can do with a little extra focus, then I will have no problem in asking to double this to 10k/month, and really once we really fire up, we can worry about that later.

There are several members in the council atm Barndog, RipTyde, CoffeeAttack, SgtSavage4, Sixin (Currently receives emissions from CC subDao - could analyse where the payment comes from in future), DeanMachine (I would actually like Dean to keep the role and think he should be receiving the same emission, as I will need people to push additional things forward into the right team members when we need the work done for Tooling and Grape resources, there is shitloads of work here people don’t actually see - shitloads of groups and sub groups of conversations).

We already have proof of work with the Grape Photo Finish Syndicate, and need to manage this syndicate at a point in the near future, we can assess for those funds to come from the Syndicate once we have more understandings of the game and release dates and stuff and run that through a Syndicate proposal and vote, but this is only ONE project we could actually involve ourselves in. I still keep contact with Lux, we should still be receiving a Mansion and then we can open up events and shit in the metaverse, both in VR and from desktop, and we could actually earn $LUX tokens from these events, I’ve personally ordered a set of Oculus primarily from the work we did with them (they offered to buy me a set which I knocked back).

I have added an additional event once a week to my own timeslot:

Grape Gaming Day
Aim: 1.5 hour show - 3 projects/week at 30 minutes each - camera and screenshare in a new room where only Grape A + B can enter - maximum of 25 people to this channel due to Discord restrictions (let’s make Grape Members want to be there live). If they don’t have the $GRAPE they can check the live YT stream.

One of my aims is for Grape/Solana Gaming council/subDAO to become a guild of sorts, we can get some form of tooling for asset management and actually get resources from games donated, and then give some players access to use these NFTs in a Play 2 Earn capacity, but with a much more lenient earning capacity for the players, more of a weighted reward to the player to earn where they might not normally be able to. I use the DFA Academy as an example of something we have achieved in the past, and aim to do more. I feel we can easily get Solana Games on board, most games want positive exposure, so I don’t want this to be about Grape Protocol donating more money and assets, we can actually get these from the Solana Gaming projects coming out and help get them players and positive things happening for their games, with some kind of earnings still positive for the management of these assets for the Grape Treasury.

There are so many other ways to get exposure and work with these games, by having games regular on our shows, we will be able to partner with them, offer them tooling, maybe help build them tokenomics plans, do plenty of events around them, even advertise in the games and metaverses. This isn’t a 1 proposal fits all, this is the start to Solana Gaming becoming a subDAO

3. Stakeholders

This stuff covers into alot of subDAOs, including research, community creators, development. We will need design requests as per normal - but it doesn’t really add that much workload compared to what I already request.

Some of this work will then lead into more work with projects, then adding WLs to our Members, aiming for Grape Tooling, Marketplace access, possible NFT launches

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

5,000 $GRAPE / month per team member, to be re-assessed in March, with an open view that if we work harder, and we grow the assets of the DAO, that we will be rewarded more in turn.

I would like to have direct access to these assets with a goal of many things, including growing the asset base. For example with receiving a STEPN NFT/Week, there’s different views on where to take value from that asset - I would actually propose we use that asset, and covert some of the $GST into SOL/USDC for the main treasury, but put the rest into the NFT level/metadata for future usage and earnings.

The last thing I want is to actually spend hours of my days inside discourse on this stuff - I fking love what I’ve been doing at Grape, I’m a 41yo Crane Driver that’s been a gamer my entire life, this shit actually fking excites me on a daily level. Being able to talk to some big brains that are creating new games and metaverses and actually being in a situation to help both them, and then others is something I never pictured last year.

I want to do that more, with the help of some additional payed people, we can spread the workload much more, reward ppl that are in effect already helping me out with their time before being payed.


Love this initiative! Gaming is clearly one of our strengths and now formalising this subDAO is the logical next step. The Guild direction makes sense because we not only are good at researching where to invest our assets, but a majority of us are also gamers that can use those assets competitively

Agree with everything outlined and cant wait to be part of this team


100% Agree on this initiative, we need this subDAO up and running!


I do actually have a good few NFTs in the solanagaming.sol Vault and 1 NFT from STEPN that is locked for 3 months to the account it’s setup too - that’s how they do their donation NFT 5001-10,000 - the prizes rewarded to crowds for giveaways and rewards. This NFT is actually linked to the email account - I can share this at any stage similar in a fashion to how Axie works. It was payment for some design work we have done and our support of STEPN from Grape. Probably worth around 10 SOL atm with an unknown future benefit being #7675.

My aim on these is to show some of the DAO/Devs at Grape not aware of the product how it works and is possible for us to actually “lend” this asset to someone where they can collect all of the daily income in $GST, but cannot remove the NFT from the Vault of the Ap, the core risk is that they will not repair the asset, but if it’s done to members or people with some kind of deposit on it, could be the solution there.

ATM I’m adding the 10 min a day to level up the sneakers in my current works, but we could by all means increase the assests on this account and do something which is similar to DFA, where we “lend” out the account and they earn daily rewards, it wouldn’t take too much to take the account to a 20-25 $GST/day situation. There’s some thought and asset moves that can happen, but I can easily envision many games prepared to do the same - even our wonderful friends at Defi Land have offered up assets, Eizper Chain has donated 6 NFTs to the gaming Vault (not sure on the play to earn aspect timeline on these yet).

So I’ve already got assets ready to go, and the subDAO isn’t fired up yet, but I am HUNGRY to make a real difference here, the first Grape Gaming Day to me was a success, and we can get many more games in to build teams around with them, we can lend out NFTs so people have knowledge of the games and products as well, and there’s a group with discussions for Cardinals that looks promising AF as to the lending capacity.

Most of us on the Gaming Council already have our own sneakers in STEPN, I’ve got something like 23 pairs, this game will knock your fking socks off! Also we have a second show starting this week for it as well in a Euro friendly timezone, with @continental running 1 slot/week.

This is 1 game, of ALOT that we can build teams and assets around.


100 percent agree with this will provide value to our subdao

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Glad to see this moving forward.
We are developing an edge in what quite possibly may be one of the hottest narratives in crypto soon (if not already).
So laying the groundwork to become undisputed leaders on this is the next logical step.
This initiative has my full approval and will support in any way I can.


I’ve sent a message in Discord - I hate spending hours in here and getting no result in 16d, everyone is super busy I get it, but I don’t know what’s happening for this goign forward for February.

Games are knocking on our door, we need people for a Gaming Council to come to fruition, but nothing is even hitting an agenda for the live DAO calls.