[Proposal] Grape Sponsorship of ME

1. Proposal Purpose:

Grape to Sponsor MetaVerse Explorer

  • In a TEST of the environment, sentiment, the process and the difficulty of seeking sponsorship and working with the Grape community, I am seeking a $10 USDC + 1000 Grape sponsorship. This is to allow for the Grape Logo/Merchandise and brand be brought to youtube viewers]

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

Sentiment seems positive for this test transaction. I initially started this discussion because I was being approached for sponsorship and having to turn them down and not take the initiate to seek sponsorship myself because I was already affiliated with Grape. I find this as a lost opportunity in growing my own brand and ‘business’ as grape has initially done. I have previously shared metrics of my channel aswell as well as future growth directions, of which has been progressing nicely.
This proposal is for the specific month of August leaving 31 days for further discussion and online voting ]

3. Stakeholders

  • Grape DAO, Neandethals, Someone knowledgeable in submitting an onchain proposal]

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

  • $10 in USDC + 1000 Grape to ME public address
    amawithme.sol ]

5. Failure of proposal:

  • ME can continue to create content with no direct affiliate with grape and can accept/seek sponsorship outside the solana community. This does not mean ME leaves grape, just that ME can accept sponsorship from elsewhere. This would also signal the difficulty in process within the DAO and
    if Grape is in a position to sponsor or not.]

Hey man, your content is really grape! Appreciated!

My grapes about it.

  1. You are part of the Grape DAO PLUS Content Creator subDAO. Nonetheless, they are not owners of the Metaverse Explorer Brand.
  2. You are charging 10 USDC + 1k Grape to provide a logo displayed in the corner of ME YT videos with project name below it for 1 month OR minimum of 6 videos (whichever occurs first).

I am willing to vote yes for such proposal.

Are you DAO member willing to vote yes for such proposal?

    1. YES
    1. NO

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If you voted NO, please, share your grapes with us! =)

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@Dim_Selk @Takisoul can we send the 10 USDC to MEs Solana Address as proposed or do you need to follow the new KYG (Know Your Grape) process for that?

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My vote is yes… if grape was to run a university you should be a Web3 teacher


Same here. I voted yes as well. Love your work MVE!

Thanks for clarifying this,
Interested in knowing about the KYG and if any of the grape community have done this aswell!

Thanks man!
Maybe crypto needs its own small degen university haha

and thanks for @Pavelsan for the nice words!

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Don’t know of anyone else besides the (previous) team