[Discussion] Missing marketing opportunity

1. Marketing discussion:

I see a massive marketing protentional in GRAPE with the gaming events and tournaments you guys run and I feel like its not being taken advantage of.
I watched this video a while ago >> Grape Warzone Event Promotion - YouTube and thought, hell yeah that’s heaps of fun.
These types of events bring communities together from a different angle than just crypto, builds better connections with the members which is important for loyalty (which helps with sustainability and growth)
It also shows people, we have a little bit of something for everyone, attracting gamers into the community, maybe some poker pros will be inclined to join as well.
I feel like we should be putting a bit more effort into these events to do a bit of a highlight video and push for marketing to show everyone what the GRAPE community is all about.

Another option could be to host large poker tournaments and make a lot of noise about it, and try get another project to “sponsor” the event… This months GRAPE poker tournament brought to you by…DEGEN APES… and have the sponsor put up some prizes or something to really get people keen about it.
Ok maybe not a Degen ape but something worth a bit of coin that will get a people excited and maybe turn a few heads from people who haven’t even heard of grape before.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

It would require some in game recording maybe from the host or event organisers to capture some footage from the games/events.
Have skilled role members piece the content together with uniformed GRAPE branding kit ready to upload to YT and other socials etc
Update the highlights every few months with fresh content/footage.

3. Stakeholders

content creators, gaming hosts/organisers, videographers, graphic designers.

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

I’m under the impression you pay the skilled roled members with GRAPE tokens based on the work they complete and I’m not sure how much you pay them to take care of this stuff, but I’m sure we could have someone build a template of motion graphics (basic after effects and premiere pro skills will get the job done) that can be recycled, that way we really only need to make minimal edits on new video content, reducing work load and costs for creation.
Someone to handle the social posts and hashtags etc to have effecting reach and engagement


To add to this, the GRAPE Youtube channel needs a good going over to optimise it a bit.
only 292 subscribers… we should be able to do sooooo much better than that.

  • Channel banner
  • Quality thumbnails on the videos
  • About us page needs creating with links etc to socials, website and discord
  • Bit of a tweak on video descriptions with time stamps on the longer vids
  • Some of the uploads, the discord link is missing the http:// so links are not clickable
  • better use of hashtags for searchability
  • Link partnered channels ei barndog, metaverse explorer, whales tails and even project partners, meanfi etc (this is a simple setting to add featured channels, can really help with cross promotion of affiliated partners and legitimacy)

I’m happy to work with who ever takes care of this channel and get to work on it asap, I reckon with in 24 hours we could have this YouTube channel looking pro and ready to start promoting and it wont cost a cent.


Uploading: ama.png…

Just a couple of quick mok ups, one to use for a channel banner and some ideas around basic thumbnails for AMA sessions etc that just look a little easier on the eye, and can easily be customised to each session by changing some text and the img.

Here is a rough draft of what you should probably put in the about us page :point_down:

The Grape Community is intended for avid Solana supporters focused on accelerating the adoption and growth of the Solana ecosystem with their talents and enthusiasm.
We strive to provide educational material related to building, using, investing and supporting the growth of adoption of the Solana eco-system.
Join us in the Grape community Discord and get access to fresh alpha content, airdrops, quality discussion, participate in gaming events like Poker, Warzone and PubG tournaments to win amazing prizes or become a content creator in the community and earn $GRAPE rewards.

Website: https://grapes.network/
Discord: Grape Protocol | grapes.network
Twitter: https://twitter.com/grapeprotocol

Make sure to fill out the fields in the settings page to have links to website and socials etc which will also be displayed in the main channel banner.

Here is a quick vid that shows you how to add featured channels, this is ideally where you want to link affiliate or partners channels, either other projects or the content creators own personal channels How To Add a Featured Channel to Your YouTube Channel - PC & Phone - 2021 - YouTube

Just those few touches will really make the channel stand out a little more


Love you comments. Already updated the YT channel description with some of the suggestions.