[Discussion] Introduce NEW value to the Discord

Proposal Purpose

Recent discussion around creating purpose and utility to the GRAPE token has brought a few great ideas to life, all of which will cost money, resources and take time to implement.
I am not suggesting we shun these ideas, in fact the opposite, we should definitely look into working on them in the background asap.
But there are some things we can implement faster at no expense that I think could breath some life into the Discord and add value for token holders or even drive new people to want to become token holders/members.

This idea is actually something I am doing on in my own personal discord, I’m a full time trader and trading coach for a large academy in Australia and my discord is primarily made up of people wanting to learn how to trade.
I feel trading education is something missing from the GRAPE community, we have a lot of focus on new Solana projects, DEFI solutions and NFT projects but not much in the way of understanding actively trading using technical analysis.

Proposal Purpose

If we launch a couple of new channels and market it to mainstream/socials correctly it could encourage some more activity, holders and participants in the community.
This is not a solution to increase token price but more so a solution to add more value to token holders which could increase our current user base.
It can make the demand for the token stronger and reduce the chance of fly bys where people join for a month and then sell there tokens and leave.
Something I have learnt from my years in the Academy is, getting new students/members isn’t hard, its keeping them that is the real task, and you do this by providing quality value.

  • Create marketing material to promote new value coming to GRAPE
  • Create a few new channels in discord around trading education
  • Set a schedule for a weekly AMA, market update, chart feedback sessions etc
  • Nominate a few members to manage and provide education in the channels
  • Only accessible for A,B,C class members
  • Special channel for A class for direct feedback or access to trading mentors?


I’m still new, finding my feet in the DAO and understanding who’s role is what so I cant comment here I’m afraid.

Costs/Resource Requirements

  • Marketing could be outsources to the work request channel to create some flyers for socials even a cool video to promote new things coming etc
  • Creation of channels is easy enough and a few announcements
  • Nomination discussion around suitable candidates (again I’m not familiar with everyone’s strengths with in the DAO so cant comment here)

My concern here is that most people don’t have the mentality or patience for trading. What I think could yield further value is that aspect of the platform you are creating is the “hodling” and readjusting as time progresses (the part you showed me before).
Perhaps a way for people to view crypto from the perspective of investing rather than trading.
I say this because trading is more difficult than other avenues and most would probably lose money rather than make it. (I myself started making more flipping NFTs/investing rather than trading…and I went ballllllls deep into learning)

What I really like is creating educational material …but perhaps more geared towards how to view the market from a macro perspective with some trading…or general updates as I am sure you have a better understanding than most on the crypto markets.

(I originally wanted to create ‘trading’ video content haha…will have to show you sometime)

I would be curious to run a poll to see what aspects of crypto people are interested in. Could be we are not accomodating certain parts.

What do you think?


Yeah true I can see your point and I agree trading isn’t easy and a lot of people lose money trying to trade, but I have also found in most cases it comes from a lack of education or discipline.
I dont even think we would need to go so far as to create courses etc but even just a few channels to drop educational content, even some free templates and docs to help people with there trading and learning atleast the basics of reading price charts and being able to understand whats going on instead of blindly swapping assets on dex’s.

The other really important aspect to trading is understanding the psychological warfare you play against your self with the emotions attached to trading outcomes and also understanding risk management and position sizing to help people understand the risks they are taking, how to properly size positions and build there own risk profile.

Its not so much about teaching people to become trading robots, but just teaching people some of the basics to make better decisions and stay self whilst apeing into shit


no doubt!

all about teaching them the basics of how to read the market. :smiley:

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I think educating folks on trading and exchanging ideas related to it would compliment aspects of what the Grape community is already doing. My biggest reason for being in Grape’s discord is because of the strong culture of learning and sharing. If we have people eager to share knowledge and do research on the trading side of Solana, it would further cement Grape community as the go to place for Solana knowledge sharing.

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Agreed, at its core, if we can teach people the basics on how to read a chart and understand when something may or may not be a good time to buy, and how to manage there risk i think its a huge plus.
For those who want to go deeper into trading strategies and understand psychology of market cycles we can have a channel for that as well where other traders can share ideas and charts.
I have tones of guys and girls in my discord who post charts and share trades all day long and its great.

Not for everyone but it fills a void.


Yeah that sounds great!

I like that! I agree with Dynite that we need to be especially careful with promoting trading content/TA. But the way Donny is talking about this information sharing, I can see how we can use this to educate Grape Members on basics. The first channel that comes to mind, which could be used for such discussions would be crypto, under the GRAPE category.

The idea of having dedicated content like a weekly market update, chart feedback, etc is great and I can definitely see that gaining traction. Donny, would you be confident in managing such an initiative?
As you said, we can move ahead with this and arrange a first market update, for example, and build the rest from there.


Love it mate and sure can, I guess all I need is an idea of structure of what you guys and I can go for hours, schedule it weekly in the grape calendar etc?
Ideally I need to screen share and discord is a pain by limiting numbers on how many people can join, but we can trial it out and if the numbers fill up we can move to streaming straight to YouTube on an unlisted stream and post the link in discord.

I’m happy to do market updates but I still feel there needs to be some basic education to not lose people to much, even if it’s just the basics like understanding support resistance, trend lines and market structure.

Happy to create some content here which can be made into like pdfs or something and even some short videos running through it all.

Happy to post some examples of my content


Some examples of content on my website

Some examples on YouTube


Wow! This is amazing stuff!! I mean you already are a content creator with great content and it is very nicely made.

Maybe applying for the community creator role could be a good next step. It is a way for you to cooperate with other CCs and request assistance from designers/videographers, which is vital for promotion and success, as you said yourself.


sure mate im still just trying to find out how everything works here which is why i havent done it yet


This would really compliment the alpha channels imo, because as you point out trading discussion is generally lacking in Grape. I’m down.


Wow nice ! I will also watch them :heart:

I believe it is much needed and it will attract a lot of interest from all users around the ecosystem.

Nice stuff :heart:


Thanks for this proposal man, for info, Donny has applied to be a CC and has expressed he might be open to creating videos on trading for grape YT.
I think there is definitely an avenue for this that we can implement easily.

My thoughts are though, that the amount of people or eyeballs we get from advanced trading techniques will be significantly lower than simpler techniques.
So my suggestion would be to split Donnys contributions into two categories, one for beginner friendly crypto trading, how to read trading view, whats RSI, and maybe go as far as simple candle patterns. class gibbons

On the more advanced side, a single trading channel or weekly ama call where members can suggest tokens in solana for technical review or for Danny to share what is happening according to the charts. great apes + gorrilas

In regards to cost, its quite minimal, just your time donny.
marketing can be done inhouse with our designers and twitter no problems.

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Yeah sounds good to me and yeah I Waa thinking something similar, 2 channels one for basics just teaching people support resistance, market structure, how to tell if something is over bought or over sold and maybe a basic idea of risk management.
And then another channel for more advanced stuff if there is a call for it and basically daily chart sharing, and then yeah happy to do weekly market scans with like a short AMA session at the end each week and then maybe another session on chart requests where people can submit there requests during the week, I’ll do a bit of fundamental research into them and then give my analysis incorporating technicals


Awesome sounds look, we’ll discuss this further during the cc subdao meeting tomorrow 3/1 7pm JST.

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