Getting non crypto Gamers into Crypto/ GRAPE

1. Proposal Purpose:

Cooperation with some big Warzone Discords/ Facebook groups to get them into GRAPE

  • My proposal is about the usage of the remaining COD Warzone emissions from this epoch. I’d like to use some of it to cooperate with some big german warzone discords to make some giveaways. There is a german warzone group on facebook with 80k members were many players are interested in warzone. To spread the word about GRAPE and get some of them right away into crypto and grape i’d like to do some giveaways were they can win an airdrop of max 1k GRAPE $ so they can at least participate in tourneys which are open for Class C.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

Use Airdrops of 1k GRAPE $ per drop to some individuals

  • We should use 5k Grape $ to airdrop it to the bosses of the Facebook group and the belonging discord server. They are hosting theyr own tourneys, so we airdrop the Grape $ to the winners of one of their tourneys and some more to random guys around one of the tourneys. We could split up the amount to some of their tourneys so they constantly have more prices and do constant advertisement for GRAPE.


  • Getting attraction of the hosts of big tournaments outside of crypro
  • Getting attraction of normal gamers who have never been in contact with crypto
  • Spread the word about GRAPE and our awesome community
  • Recruiting more and more players around the world


  • Give away free money
  • We cannot know the outcome at the moment

3. Stakeholders

Content Creators, Community Creators, Designer, Videographer

  • The guy who has most knowledge in this and who can help me is definitely Swagedoodle. The main part will be explaining to the non crypto community what GRAPE is and show them the benefits of being part of the community. If the cooperation runs well we maybe can share the talents of designers etc.

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

20k Grape $

  • I would propose to use the 5k GRAPE $ for the bosses and 15k more Grape $ for the normal players. Then we are at an amount of 20k Grape $ in total. There should be enough emissions left.
  • A. Accept proposal
  • B. Reject proposal
  • C. Accept proposal, but different amount of GRAPE $

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Wouldn’t it be better running events for Verified wallets instead, 1-2 times a month? Get them in our discord, verified and playing, that would expose them to what we have to offer rather than giving away airdrops with an unknown result?

You could even spread out the prizes in the Warzone tournaments to allow more 1k breakdowns to encourage obtaining more Class C members. Still keep the bigger tournaments to our membership requirements.

If you need to advertise on other servers, maybe payment/donations could be made to advertise the events to draw them to us. We linked an Eth event today, because it gives our members a chance at additional prizes, and they get the information brought to them here in Grape.


The problem with this solution is, it wouldnt be worth the effort. At the moment we already have problems to get our membership tourneys filled. If we do more tourneys its more effort for us to organize, stream, keep track of rules and points etc. And if we do more 1k drops its almost the same outcome because the other player who will receive it are also no grape members.

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I think we should also have a plan for how do we retain these people in the ecosystem and enable them to create value for GRAPE. ‘Recruiting more and more players around the world’ to what end? I think this is linked with ‘We cannot know the outcome at the moment’. We should design this proposition/partnership keeping an end goal in mind as to what GRAPE wants out of this, and how we go about achieving those results.

I understand the value in reaching out to gaming communities but we need to have planned onboarding with a longer term view in mind.

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but that’s the aim, to get more non members with Grape, could if be possible to have an event for Verified only? If people are prepared to come across, verify and do a tournament, then that’s half the battle already won, they’ve made effort.

Or maybe a Verified and Class C only event, giving people a chance to earn class C and also upgrade part way to class B.

I personally see the airdrop as more of a 95% chance at just free money being sold myself.


We want to make Solana better. Onboarding more people and giving them the tools to be in crypto safely is a good start.

More bums in seats, more active members is always a good thing, we do a varieyy of events atm, we add new ones constantlyx and currentlywe have multiple initiatives at trying ti improve both Grape and other protocols.


and that’s how to type while working, typos incoming :rofl:

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They will need to be onboarded and will need to be explained a lot of things. I understand we tell people to DYOR but for someone new to space, landing in our discord server is still going to be information overload. If we’re exploring this proposal I suggest we expand the scope a bit and have a person play the ‘buddy’ role onboarding them to crypto, Solana, gaming and whatever they find an interest in next - just thinking out loud. My point being the proposal should also expand on a seamless integration once they’re onboarded.


that’s an entirely different proposal, agreed we need to do more, I say it constantly amd strive to help. But it’s a different propsal/topic to the current one

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telling people DYOR and then letting them fail isn’t good enough 100%

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Yes I agree, just trying to make a point that we could make these engagements with communities inherently more sustainable.


So to make this clear. I not just want to airdrop them Grape and let them play tourneys. I am just working with the 5 bosses on a strategy, were we can explain the community outside crypto and grape how this whole system works, especially solana of course. And if we achieve the short time goal to get some more guys, who are even hosting their own tourneys and having a team of good content creators behind them, why not give it a try. I dont think the outcome will be bad, because if they make a good advertisement, which they can do because they have the range, grape will go to the moon.


Imo, to get more gamers into Solana, we could partner with top gaming communities with 80k members (like you mentioned above) for instance run a survey of what game is popular and host it with a gigantic prize pool for only verified wallets to participate in


Hmm I also had a similar proposal in mind. After reading this discusion I changed my initial opinion on Conti’s proposal. Even though it’s a solid idea - but I Think there are more effective solutions to Boost GRAPEs popularity/membership count.
We need long-term incentives to keep the gamers in our Community, otherwise we’ll just see people selling their airdrops and leave as soon as the price Hits a decent Level.

I like Crex’s Suggestion here. Maybe a mix of both proposals will be the Final outcome?
Maybe open future tournaments for all verified Wallets, with normal prize Pools within the warzone tourneys. But besides collecting $GRAPE participants will also earn some Kind of qualifier points, which makes them eligible to play At the “play-offs” etc.
Requirements for playing the play offs (bigger prize Pool is the incentive) is holding a Certain amount of $GRAPE.

In the meantime we try to found a corporation/partnership with Big Warzone communities

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i think the intent is great but i disagree with the execution. imo giving people grape for free in the hope that they play and then become part of the community seems unlikely to work for reasons a lot of folks have stated earlier on the thread

one ideas is that we should back games that are focusing on reaching non-crypto folks and work with them - share feedback, help create growth material, participate in their games etc. StepN is one such example i came across - free to start playing mobile app for runners. if it takes off it could really onboard a few hundred million users

this approach is also not sustainable, how many times can we do this and how many long term members will we get each time?

the ecosystem is super early right now and there will be products that target non-crypto users, partnering with the right ones early is a bet that could generate exponential growth and returns for grape.

i’m rejecting this proposal.


I also talked to the guys inside the big warzone community about this whole thing and they already have a decent amount (80k) of followers. Not all of them are playing tourneys or their league but they all have huge interest in gaming. And my thoughts were not about just airdropping to some random guys. My initial plan was, airdrop for the bosses (5k) they will hold 100 % because they want to grow bigger as well and they are playing tourneys. And then Co-host a tourney together with them or even a short 6 week league or so were $Grape price is included. So it is like a qualifier for our smaller tourneys. And most of the guys who will qualify will hold the $Grape because they want to compete in tourneys. And if you once have 1k, its basically a free entry for our bigger tourneys, were at some point they will buy more $Greape to get to the B-Class or win it in the smaller tourneys.

And only about the co-hosting and everything we will draw so much attention to the community. If someone has some bigger streamers at hand you can make the contact with me and i will talk to them.

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Just to add, they’d take the community serious as well and invite their friends when they find out that it’s possible for them to host any gaming activities too in the server for certain rewards. From there, they’d be able to move around in the server and want to know more about grape and Solana as a whole


So lets try another approach

Changed proposal:
I’d like to give verified wallets the opportunity to signup for some (or maybe all) free spots in our COD tournaments. So if someone inside the community is not sure about the tourneys or even not sure about the whole community goal, they can see how it is when they actually participate.

BUT, they are not eligible for winning any price money and if the spots are filled by members who have a rank, they cannot play.

To make it more attractive, the players with only verified wallets can win a wildcard for any further tournament. So if they win a wildcard in COD maybe, they can use the wildcard for Hearthstone or Chess or whatever. But only once.

I propose to give away 10 wildcard spots per tournament, but the wildcard counts for the whole team. So if we do a trios tourney, there would be 30 possible wildcards.

I also think we should give the wildcard spots away, even if the verified wallets are not in the top 10 ranks for example. For the prize distribution we should do three separate leaderboards. One for the overall placement, one for grape members, one for verified wallets. The top ten verified wallet teams (or players if the tourney is solos) win a wildcard for further tournaments. It will be much more work for the organizers but that should not be the problem.

That makes the tourneys more attractive and will fill the spots. Also we make GRAPE more attractive to players around the world who are not into crypto yet. AND we won’t give away free money because we know, the players who sign up are interested in the community and the events.

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this sounds good to me!