Grape giveaways

1. Proposal Purpose:

a.Strengthen our community bonds.
b.Elevate our events attendance.
c.Make our giveaways more transparent.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

We have beendoing our server giveaways in random hours and this is a proposal to start doing them in a pre-determanited yet flexible time frame.

3. Stakeholders

Calling all the giveaway organizers to start doing the giveaways during the live events on our server like DAO calls, subDAO calls, Steams, Tournaments etc.

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:



Giveaways are indeed an effective way for many active users in the discord community now, but I hope the grape community can take advantage of its own advantages and deeply investigate each project that cooperates with us to giveaway wl, so as to improve the quality of wl giveaways in our grape community.
Can we set a requirement to participate in the WL GiveAways, for example, every click of a reaction to consume a small amount of $grapes, although it will cause some people’s discomfort, but if we successfully cooperate with some high quality projects (such as LUX, which can make many participants directly become a member of the A-level), we can tell our members, all of which is worth it.Moreover, this consumed grape can also enter the treasury, or a funding specially used in community cooperation.


Interesting approach here. I like the idea but is it feasible? Can this be built? It is not a giveaway anymore if you add the grape fee though. Ppl might hit it by accident or w.o knowing it may result to loosing roles in discord etc. Personaly i investigate the WL I am giving away but you cant take this as FA. I cant guarantee anything at all. For example HoneyBess WL I gave did 700% from 2 SOL to 14 ATH and we got rugged for 0.44 at the NingaApes…Please guys DYOR after you WL and decide if you gonna mint or not. I’m doing my best to bring value to the community and the events we make.

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