New WL channel in Grapeverse to attract new members to the community

The OG members (to give where the credit is due) can draw better results by participating in the development of the ecosystem of GRAPE rather than being DEGENS. I believe the issue of increasing community interaction and traffic needs to be addressed as a separate issue rather than encouraging the community at hand to be more involved.

The proposal is that we create a new WL channel, where only members who have $GRAPE tokens deposited in the realm can view and participate (essentially bait for creating recognition) and ince a new member is onboarded, he will automatically get better and exclusive information which will help them refer friends and others to come join the network. This way the reach of the network grows and more eyes fall onto GrapeDAO.

This is more of a Blue Ocean Marketing strategy and can really help the community grow. An active and vibrant community has no negatives IMO.

We can also discuss the possibility of raising the bar of depositing more than just 1 $Grape token to access this service.

And this will also encourage members to use their network to bring good projects to the community and can be made a task for the DAO as well.

So the proposal entails:

  • Creating a new dedicated WL channel (chain agnostic) where only DAO members can post. (me, Taki, butter, whoever is interested)
  • They will bring in WLs from different project for the members, whoever is interested. The quality of the project can either be discussed on #crypto-chat or be discussed individually among members.
  • Each WL brought to the DAO will be considered a task, and I propose 1000 $Grape to the member who brings in those WL.

Success Metrics
-Any successful WL brought in (projects which are above mint price after 24hours of selling out) should be considered a completed task and for that the bringer of project to the DAO be given 1500 $Grape.

  • Making sure all WL are utilized (because unutilized spots remaining will not give anybody any result). So if there isnt enough demand in the current server, the member who initiated the task will bring new members to complete the task. This way new members will bring in friends and others to complete the task.

All this would result in more people joining in through word of mouth and marketing GRAPE to the masses at large, and also incentivize to lock more tokens in $GRAPE to participate in the DAO.



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Not really against it but we had a WL channel before called giveaways which was also around WL allocations and the thing is most projects like 1/10 turn out to be “good” that is above mint price for ‘x’ time.

Meaning that most community members who had the risk to mint with the WL provided by Grape came out PL negative which results for the member to perceive a negative opinion about WL’s provided in that channel.

Of course every WL’s are purely a choice done by the community member and the “WL’s hunters” are not at fault there.

My proposal is if we procceed with this, surely we can offer 1000 $GRAPE for each WL brought and 1500 $GRAPE for every WL mint succeed but if the project goes undermint or just cashgrab the community member who brought should be penalized 1500 $GRAPE too.

Only with rewards and discipline things are often much of better quality.

EDIT: Another solution is to start without rewards and if the PL of the WL provided turns out to be positive then yes we can reward the WL provider.


Sharing this here as it seems very related

Dylan from Drift shared the following – we would be committing to tweeting something similar out on November 7th if we are interested

"Hey! We’re launching Drift v2 within the next week and have been taking applications for the Alpha Ticket NFTs to access gated mainnet.

We wanted to share 25-50 tickets with you guys to giveaway and bypass the application process for people who would like early access. Is this something you’d be interested in?

All that’s required from your end is to tweet a giveaway in collaboration with us and we’ll handle the rest! This would of course be in addition to any you would like for your own team members. Here’s an example of what this looked like with our v1 alpha tickets"


This looks cool.
And I think getting offered WL from projects with significant standing or decent recognition, and requesting for spots from projects of this calibre is a better path than regular pings for WL from random unknowns/cashgrabs.

Imagine if Backpack offered access codes to Grape (with conditions like Drift’s above) for distribution among DAO members. I think that’s more valuable.
I’ve muted the server of multiple projects who are meant to be high quality due to incessant WL pings.

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Looks good to me, let’s go ahead.