Nft council membership

1. Proposal Purpose:

To reinforce the NFT coucil allowing more members to join and at the same time to expand the GRAPE community. This will eventually benefit the treasury and our DAO.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:


At the moment we have the requirement for a member to be class A to join the NFT council subDAO. I propose we lower this to class B. The reason we had it set to A in the first place was because there was no formal subDAO formed and we wanted to have “trusted” members joining it. Currently we run a fully structured subDAO and we can’t grow it unless we make it easier for people to join us. We have identified members that would be a good adittion but they are outside the GRAPE community.
PS: other subDAO have it all set to class B, we are the only one with A.

3. Stakeholders


The NFT council voted this and we bring it as a proposal to the DAO.

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:



makes sense to me! Allowing people of any economic ability to be part of our essential processes is a plus in my book


so is this already active we may procceed? i see no discussion/objections here.


I’m not saying anything new here, but I agree, not being able to buy 23k GRAPE is a big hurdle for people who want to get involved more.

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They can start contributing on the # solana-nfts channel to proove their value if they want to be considered for the subDAO position. LF! Happy that I saw the Panda crew invade my last giveaway on Doge tracks! I arranged an AMA for them with Barndog I will be happy to see the Pandas raid that! It feels very nice to finnaly interact with the Pandas.


I love this sentiment! Agreed <3