NFT Council thoughts on structure and allocations

Please excuse the brevity

NFT Council

Mandate: The Grape NFT Council exists to experiment and discover new NFT projects and tooling. This exploration contributes to the Grape community by bringing new memberships, content, tooling ideas, and treasury growth

Structure: The NFT council uses a multisig to handle proposals. The council members must be

-active and attentive

-knowledgeable in NFTs

Requirements for NFT Multisig:


-High attendance (perhaps 75% of meetings on a monthly basis?)

-monthly contribution towards content/purchases/tooling

Requirements for NFT Council:

-Great Ape

-monthly contribution towards content/purchases/tooling

-Eligibility for NFT Council allocation levels

Attendance – this month we saw Coffee,Rust,Easy,and Dean in high attendance

Input – input from Coffee, Rust, Easy, Dean, and Alex

Communication – Dean handled attendance and recap updates

Execution – Will need to work on this with more tooling - Coffee, Rust, Easy, Dean, and Alex all helped

Allocation calculation

15% of the SOL returned as gains to the treasury will be converted into Grape for the NFT council. This happens whenever the NFT treasury specifically returns SOL to the Treasury over the initial loan. This proposal specifically removes the NFT council from an Epoch based consideration for allocation. @DyNite @CryptoPawz – would we put this to a vote to see if the DAO agrees with the 15%SOL for Grape allocation? id like to consider this as a model all SOL loans would fall under

30% attendance pool (attendance is based on meetings and meetings are set by the council)

40% input (measured by actions ie proposals made, assets received, negotiations/partnerships)

15% communication (setting agenda, meeting recaps, twitter, dao council coordination)

15% execution (staking/rewards/trades)

New idea – we could soon make a NFT council token for a Grape NFT focused discord server. This would let us better quantify and capture the value of the NFT discussions in Grape. The royalties could be used for Grape services the council may require.

@rustandmoth @CoffeeAttack @easymoneyding @Alexperts.sol


Sounds good. I like the idea of NFT Council not being included in emissions, but receiving performance related pay. It makes a lot of sense.

I look forward to discussing the token on Thursday.


Saw the post earlier and fully on board with what was laid out up to this point which didnt spot on first read :

This would quite litterally divide the community into buckets and niches. Very understandable from a management and metrics side, but in my opinion very detrimental from a holistic and cohesive community side.

I’d say a major challenge of the current dicord is keeping everyone informed of the goings on across disperate groups and threads which are under the same roof. If these get split into seperate houses (read discord servers) I can see this just compounding communication difficulties and leading to complete drift/ breakaway.

I can see the sense in NFT Council or another group there in paying or sponsoring specific services or content they might require but what about all the other parts of Grape they may not need. I can really see this leading to devolving the Grape community as a whole into diff parts that instead of a stonger together unit would be more self serving indavidualistc groups and weaker for it.

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THis sounds super logical to me <3 i will examine it again of course. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comment. I disagree with characterising a new discord as dividing the community. And I don’t want to believe you are insinuating any of my actions would be to divide or weaken Grape.

We have different strategies from what I can tell.

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I’m not insinuating the purpose of your actions is to divide or weaken Grape.

I’m just expressing concerns that I beleive the result of this specific action will divide and weaken Grape, which is an important distinction. I’m here happy to listen and understand more about how it could work out for the positive.

My comment should in no way be taken personally its just I’m very surprised/ taken aback with what i view as a rather radical change.

I know we can look to the Dean’s List server and say look this is doing well standing on its own, its a seperate discord that I’ve contibuted to, but I view that as a very niche group of people interested in contibubting to a niche task. In contrast I view the NFT channels and access channels as some of the mainstays of the Grape discord. If we strip more an more away into seperate discords I can see that splitting the audience across each and not sure where it leave the main discord if more and more aspects of get split off.

I hope you understand where I’m coming from.


I very much like the idea of the NFT Council not relying on emissions and standing on its own results. I am excited to discuss this idea further.