[Discussion]: Setting Expectations for the Grape Treasury and the NFT Council

Treasury management is, in my opinion, one of, if not the most important DAO-related activity. The purpose of this discussion is to set specific expectations for the treasury management and NFT Council teams to improve communication of updates to the DAO.

I am sure that most of us in the DAO has no real way of keeping up to date with what the Grape Treasury and NFT Council are doing. The NFT Council chat, in particular, seems unorganized with no clear direction, or at least that is what it seems to me.

So I felt that it is absolutely important to create a system that will allow the dedicated Treasury and NFT council teams to stay organized and coordinated, while at the same time keeping the DAO members up to date with what is going on.

Below you see my initial ideas of what we, as a DAO, should ask the Grape Treasury and the NFT Council to be doing to improve operations and communication. I welcome any of your ideas on what could be added here. Once we get this ready I will push this for a vote.

Both the Treasury and the NFT Council should:
1. Produce a weekly report: No need for great detail. But something is definitely needed. Here is the format of a document I created for the treasury that includes the relevant information. Something very similar can be created for the NFT Council as well:

2. Have a weekly call at a specific date and time every week that every DAO member can join and listen to.

By making these two tasks responsibilities for the treasury and council, communication, transparency, and internal coordination will be improved.


Thanks so so much! you are helping a lot with this!

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I just saw the format. It was much needed , i had one of my own but this one is a lot better so everyone understands. :heart: perfect perfect thanks again.

So should the nft council choose a day where we meet and discuss to produce the paper ?

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Thank you Alex! Yes this would be my idea. Hopefully this helps.


I totally agree with this and really like what you have set up here. Having the weekly report and updates is well worth the effort and something I would appreciate seeing.

Transparency here and ensuring the DAO is up-to-date on the happenings though improved communications is so very important to ensure future success in these areas.

My two grapes is I recommend we move forward with this and get the reporting structure in place asap. The DAO can always request refinements to the information provided as needed.


Yes agreed 100%. I would like to give the discussion 2 days before pushing it to a vote though to see if I am missing anything fundamental.


Thank you for providing this. I agree, the chat is disorganised and without direction and that there needs to be more transparent management and structure.

I’m not sure the NFT Council (yet) warrants a weekly report and call. I’ve been suggesting Council proposes a clear thesis and plan to the DAO, if it’s then agreed that we can proceed, we should report weekly (I agree with you re. how important this is). Currently all we’re tasked with is suggesting the sale prices of some low-value NFTs.

How about we simply have a weekly pinned message in the channel that shows the latest pic of NFTs for sale and a list of ones suggested to be added for sale next week? Anyone who can comment in channel can raise an objection to a particular sale, if they wish.

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Thank you for your response rustandmoth! In my understanding, the NFT Council is not only responsible for advising on setting prices for low-value NFTs. On the contrary, this is just one of its responsibilities and a part of an overall strategy that your team should put forth.

As it relates to your second point on frequency, if the council thinks that a weekly report is excessive, maybe do it bi-weekly. Regardless, my point is that, imo, It is extremely important for the DAO to know how our NFT Vault is evolving: what is being sold/bought, at what prices, and what is an approximate portfolio value.

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I think it’s a good idea for the council to provide a weekly report. I agree with you on the importance of this. But atm we’re just suggesting the sale price of NFTs and this is probably all we should be doing until we present a strategy to the DAO. After the confusion over the Thugbirdz, I’m not keen to make any greater moves until we’ve proposed a clear strategy and (hopefully) been given the go-ahead from the DAO, then we should report weekly. I suggested the pinned post only to try and keep things simple and as I expect more people would see it and be able to quickly offer their opinions.

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