Application for taking NFT treasury manager role

Hello guys!
Alex perts here ,

I’m making this post to officially undertake the NFT treasury management by providing 3 papers each week that will provide all info related to the NFTs we posses.

I will built a standardized format similar to 1) project 2) developments 3) Floor price analysis 4) Proposal on how to act taking into account the new developments.

I think i fit for the position since the last 3-4 months i focused heavily only on the NFT aspect of solana , including my portfolio of 812NFTs.

Moreover i would like to be one of the faces of relations with other projects. I was very happy that the last few months i received messages to speak with projects that wanted to integrate and i was explaining them a little bit about it beforehand. The key thing here is that this came naturally, they just started sending me because i have a quite good presence in our community.

I won’t tire you more and i will not fail you.

Your Alexperts.sol :smiley:


I see no other person around who has the skills and balls to handle our NFT Treasury than @Alexperts.sol. if there’s a vote for this I think It’s easy to make that call.


Great news. Full support. If you need a deputy, let me know.


Humblebrag. Truly the best among us. Even is a fellow Alex, you get my vote.
Plus Tariq is aware of the magnitude of your balls. Double-check.


I’m 100% in support of this.

My own story is very, very similar. My own skillset (as it relates to grape) is entirely around NFTs.

I’d be happy to support you on this as it looks like we both independently started analysing the grape NFT treasury. I suggest we put our heads together on this, but I’m keen for you to take the lead.


endorsed, glad you are taking this on as is really needed. happy to assist but i just dont have the time to dedicate and know you will do a better job :slight_smile:


Very supportive of this and can’t think of anybody better suited.

Is there a plan to create a small committee for NFTs?


Sounds excellent. Perhaps in this role Alex could advocate a little for supporting fine art NFT creators who aren’t making generated collections. I believe he has a family member who is an extremely talented painter. I am not sure how such art could fit into the treasury when weighed against the volume that collectables do, but there is definitely a market for such as SuperRare, Foundation, and Nifty Gateway demonstrate every month (albeit on a different Blockchain).

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We need the researchers involved on this as discussed on the last DAO call. I would like to join the comittee too next to DizzyLizzy.


Perfect person for the Job!-- if you need any help/assistance, I can help.

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And Adding, I think we need a Research Team (NFT Specifics) that’ll bring info on steps to take— if we should hold or sell and other things too


I manage a server for this. About 250 people, NFT research focus.

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I love your passion for Solana NFTs and in all honesty, you are an excellent fit for the job.

I do think however that you should have some assistance on this and teamwork makes the dream work.
Researchers can and should be able to help. And in from what I have seen so far, @Wing is be a strong candidate to assist on this.

BUT, what should be clear on this -and true for everyone undertaking a task of such magnitude- is that besides any skills or talent you have to take lead on this, CONSISTENCY & transparency should rank pretty high among the list of essential traits to be demonstrated.

Like I said, I love your initiative and I would like to see it succeed, but you need to be 69420% consistent on this.

Pro tip: you should put your proposal with a vote, otherwise we can not move forward with it. That goes for every proposal without a vote.


Yes this what i need to overcome and succeed. Consistency will be top priority this time. I will speak with Tariq to make it like a vote <3


i added you in discord! <3

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This art can fit in the treasury as long as we utilise them in “not-so-traditional” way. Those items can be utilised by launching them as decorating items for the metaverses.

My mother is a great painter to be honest XD so if a 3D designer adds neon frames around or other styles then they can be marketed as decorating items for metaverses :slight_smile:

The DAO in general can receive value (and then also have the ability to pass it to community members according to present needs) from such “window” of opportunity.

I even made thought about a All Grape themed room but thats next step.
i will connect with you all and start forming the team


Really excited to see the effort you already put in drafting those documents. This is a unanimous vote I think.

There is now an active vote for this here


Added both of you, accept plox <3


please consider our newest research member easymoney for the commitee too. Not sure if he has set up his discourse account yet. we chose him to join in order to intergrade the nft aspect of GRAPE treasury.