[Discussion] Setting the Agenda for Sunday's DAO Call 12/12

Hey everyone!

Here are some of the proposed items to discuss this Sunday DAO Call. Please add more what else you would like to discuss. Also, we will have a conversation regarding this proposal at 12pm UTC, one hour before our scheduled call


For the main DAO call – the below have been suggested

[Vote] Partner Server NFT Awards - #12 & Grape Awards/December Emissions (Improved)
Application for taking NFT treasury manager role - #22

Exchange/Market making update
Role allocation to cryptopawz and saditya
NFT marketplace
Cryptopawz documentation - integrating Metaverse videos
Activity bot


Would be nice to hear from @Whale_s_Friend on the exchange listing, where we are, what we have achieved so far as regards to that. :grapes:


Grape Awards/December Emissions Improved


Role allocation to outstanding members such as cryptopawz and sadita (sorry for not spelling your name correctly I forgot how to lol) also to set a structure for the removal of inactive dao members


@Zhing_Richard where did you get the information that Mods are being paid 30k grape?

Let’s talk more about the NFT marketplace, people need to have an in-depth understanding about that and create a Hype around it.

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There’s no Edit feature, I meant to say 20K Grape not 30

I’d like to briefly talk about our documentation. Dim and I started an overhaul and it would be good to know what people want to have in it (most important stuff etc).
Here is a preview that needs a lot more work :wink: : Grape Network - PREVIEW - Grape Network

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2022 is fast approaching. On one of our last DAO calls for this year, might not be today’s call, probably the next, I suggest we get to have conversations on the roadmap, activities, events and major adjustments for next year.


I would recommend to embed the videos being produced for the membership benefits.