[Agenda] DAO Call, Tue, 07 June

No shortage of mega topics today.
I am sure we will NOT have time to discuss everything, nonetheless I am adding topics the DAO should discuss during today’s call.

  1. Daoness & Transition of Grape Team as published [here] (Measuring DAOness and the Transition of the Grape Team | by DeanMachine | Jun, 2022 | Medium) by @DeanMachine
  2. Discussion around Grape Phase 2.0. Feedback, next steps.
  3. Rewards Compensations Revenue @CryptoPawz @DAO-Board
  4. @DAO-Board Elections
  5. Grape DAO vs Grape Access Network utitilizing Dean’s List/ Conversation around SubDAO vs DAO jurisdiction/priorities etc @riderinred @discolove007 (This conversation touches upon several topics and tagging specific members since they were the ones most vocal in this discussion)
  6. Discussion around @legend proposal re: Moderators/Community managers.
  7. GRAPE Validator proposal by @Hanko . Feedback, next steps @DAO-Board
  8. Proposal for compensation @Takisoul . Feedback, next steps @DAO-Board

Please feel free to comment, add any topics you think should be discussed in today’s call.


Would like to talk about the security measures we need to implement for realms access.

Could we continue with 1 unified Agenda pls? It’s confusing having 2 ones for the same DAO Call.