[Agenda] DAO Call Apr 10th 2022

Preliminary agenda for DAO Call: 2022-04-10T13:00:00Z:

  1. New prospects and removals @Dim_Selk | @Arximedis
    – Revisit removal criteria @DAO-Board
  2. On-chain votes:
    Final 160,000 $GRAPE for Prize Emissions
    50k $GRAPE April Budget for Contests/Events
  3. subDAO CM (Organizers) @Takisoul | @DAO-Board
    – Event Funding (procedure)
  4. Emissions @DAO-Board
    A. Metrics Incentive Rewards Pools (Proposal Made)
    B. Bounty Per Task Rewards
    C. New SubDAO Model with stricter checks and reduced emissions
    D. Distribute All Emissions & Lock
  5. DAO Tasks/Skill Roles (DAO Core) @DAO-Board
  6. Grape Membership:
    GRAPE Membership Revision @DyNite | @DAO-Board
    Grape Membership NFT @TheRipTyde
  7. [Proposal] Tie eligibility for monthly Membership Rewards to realms Deposit @CryptoPawz
  8. [Discussion] Grape Gallery @rustandmoth

If there is time:

  • Marketing
  • Grape Service Document (short update)
  • Socean Streams

Please feel free to add topics in the thread that you want to address!