[Discussion] Grape Gallery

NFT Council is establishing what it can offer to NFT projects who might want to partner with Grape for their launches.

I think we should buy a metaverse gallery space and offer shows to projects (new and established). Some quick, initial thoughts:

Promotion of show via youtube and twitter.
Free prizes available at show (or on opening day):
$GRAPE / NFTs from project / WL from project / 1/1 from project.
New project could potentially mint during show maybe even via grape.art
Shows could also work well for 1/1 artists selling via Holaplex or grape.art
Gaming projects who do AMAs with Barndog could perhaps be offered additional show package deal.

For an established project Grape could take X% of royalties from sales made during the show.
But a flat fee for show might be simpler.

I really like Solaris (I have a building and spaces).
But any metaverse space could work. There’s also a small, new project I’ve spoken to who we could perhaps ask for something special / custom. They’re specialising in gallery spaces. Would be great to be able to integrate grape.art directly into our gallery. This kind of thing is coming in other projects.

In future, we could also have a permanent show selected from Grape Treasury, if we want to start collecting.

Possible test show:

My Chimpe NFTs.
NFTs in show could be for sale via grape.art and Grape could take 30-40% of all sales.
We could give x% to a charity.
I’d have a few for give-aways.

This is my current Chimpe gallery:

Previous sales:


I think that’s a really nice proposed offering that’s truely engaging in the metaverse. :+1:


IF there’s agreement on this, I think we should move quickly and try to establish the Gallery. NFT Council can make a list of 1/1 artist and existing partners we could propose a show to. Grape Gallery can move location if/when we decide there maybe a better suited metaverse project.

Grape.art seems ideally suited for metaverse gallery integration, as the NFTs remain in user’s wallet. Have any partnerships with metaverse gallery projects been considered?


Vincent68 of shill zine fame might be able to help there, 1/1 nft artists are often featured in his zine, he at least will know names if not have had direct contact with these artists.


I think this is an excellent plan – @Vincent68 and Kidonthephoenix could lead the charge as they are both major champions of the 1/1 movement

I’d say the marketplace could also be used for this, and we could even issue a grape-backed token with its own Realms for them to run. a truly decentralized 1/1 collective