Grape Nft treasury sale

I have a proposal to make which I think will benefit both Grape and Grape community .(If we can separate it )

The plan at the moment is to organized an auction with the floor price at the starting bid .

Well ok its obvious that the bidders are just want to support grape but whats the benefit of the auction winner ? He can get the Nft in open market without bidding ,also whats the benefit for Grape ?
We can sell in open market .

I think a better way to benefit both is to create a lottery with a bag of the Nfts we want to sell ,only for grape holders .

We can make a lottery Nft with a circulation of 1000 or TDB and a price of 0.20 or again TBD .
The bags can be as many as we want and the total value of the NFTs lottery tickets will be the total floor price x2 or x3 .

We can have bronze ,silver,gold bags with different prize and different total value of the nfts .

Or we can a special SMB bag where we can have only SMB and Grape holders eligible to buy it.

We can have an a number of the lottery NFTs given in a form reward or honor to some Grape holders .
Benefits of this is Grape gets the floor priced nfts x 2 or x3
The user gets to keep a free Grape lottery Nft , a chance with a small ammount of Sol ,lets say 0,20 , to get a bug of NFTs worth 50 or 100 Sol .

We can create all sorts of events around it ,Barndog and Metaverse explorer can advertise it in the streams and the lottery can be a live event in Whales friend stream.

If its something that we can go forward I can make a more detailed proposal with actions roadmap people that we can use from Grape role holders and price cost analysis plus goals we can achieve .


Not a bad idea, though execution will need to be much more clear.

This may provide a partnership opportunity & further advertising with a protocol that already does this.

Same concept, they do lotteries of bags of nfts. This might take alot of the operations off our hands and onto those who run these lotteries, if this is voted on


Opinion: GREAT Ideas.

I think the overall concept is a significant step forward for us to make a decision about how to manage/handle the NFTs in the treasury and return the value to the community in some way.

Below is how I would recap the high-level options to evaluate scenarios for future proposal submissions expected to be voted upon :slight_smile:

Scenario A

Community-Based Approaches for Grape Holders Only
1.) Community Auction
2.) Community and/or Partner Lottery
3.) Cross-Partnership Single or Mutual Eligibility Giveaways [Similar to Partner Emissions Criteria]
4.) Event Giveaways or Prizes
5.) Monthly Rewards Emission Prize

Scenario B

Non-Community Approaches
1.) Staking & Special Mechanisms (on a per Project Basis)*
2.) Open Market Sales
3.) Sale of Excess Supply to Purchase of “Blue-Chip” NFTs
4.) Direct Trading of NFTs (High Risk)

*For Scenario B #1 - there are NFTs that offer staking rewards, unlock added value, custom access, or ability to engage in new and exciting features for either events or research to explore.


Actually, really like this idea a lot! As meta said, would need to be fleshed out, but this is something that would further create value for GRAPE as a whole and provide a different level of engagement compared to our usual competitions. Marketing and PR of it could be nice. Imagine winning an SMB from .20 ticket haha…sheeeeeesh!
This would help grape and grape holders…plus it is just fun and easy to participate in.

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This is a great idea. Maybe some of us could donate some NFTs we don’t want? Maybe this just increases the amount of junk though (which is likely already going to be high).

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Yeah - there’s so much illiquid junk. Perhaps members could suggest NFTs they would like to donate and then the treasury can decide whether they want it…?


It might become discouraging for projects to donate if NFTs get sold especially at the floor price. And that’s the main way for Grape to acquire NFTs for all I know, so we need to encourage that more and more. So selling those NFTs via any system need to be handled very carefully, because on one hand yes it doesn’t make sense to keep them in the vault forever, and Grape would benefit from extra utility and cash, but on the other hand again that might deplete the vault gradually and there will be less new contributions especially quality ones. And again there are sometimes benefits from holding NFTs that outweight benefits from selling them. Full disclosure, I might be biased here because we are also having an NFT drop from which we are donating to the vault, and we;d love Grape to hold it for at least some significant time. Grape should not become a flipper, that’s for sure. But then again purely rewarding members with some NFTs might be something perfectly fine. The question then would be what is the goal - increase vault value (monetarily and socially), give more utility to $GRAPE, rewarding members, creating activity, or something else.