[Agenda] DAO Call May 22nd 2022

Preliminary agenda for DAO Call: 2022-05-22T13:00:00Z:

Brief updates:

  1. GRAPE Validator @DAO-Board
  2. $GAN token @DAO-Board
    – update on $GAN holders
    – Way forward, plans, ideas
  3. $GRAPE Rewards Incentives Pools for Realms Proposers & Voters (next steps) @Arximedis
  4. Emissions (next steps/commit to something?)
    February and March Emissions @CopyPasteCrew | @DAO-Board
    New Proposal for Emissions model @DeanMachine
    April’s Epoch DAO Emissions - CopyPastaCrew @DAO-Board
  5. Treasury exchanges with Mango @DAO-Board

Bounty Section
Discourse | Bounty Questionnaire | Trello | Weekly Call: Tuesday’s 12pm UTC

  1. Dev subDAO Strata on Grape Dashboard
  2. Video tutorial on $GAN usage - implementation
  3. Utilizing Dean’s List to get Feedback on Grape Access

Backlog, aka topics that deserve attention @DAO-Board

  1. Grape Membership Classes
    – Membership+ | Neanderthal Class
  2. Grape Marketplace
  3. Grape Membership NFT (revised summary and examples)

Additional Topics:

  • AthensDAO :question:

Please feel free to add topics in the thread that you want to address!

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Let’s bring the Validator topic up. We will be joined by Hanko who has built Soladex and his own validator! We have had some preliminary talks on potentials synergies and its time to bring this discussion to the DAO.

Also on emissions, April's Epoch DAO Emissions - CopyPastaCrew here is the latest model we can briefly discuss before we push something on-chain.