[Agenda] DAO Call May 8th 2022

Preliminary agenda for DAO Call: 2022-05-08T13:00:00Z:

Brief updates:

  1. $GAN token @DAO-Board
    – update on $GAN holders
    – Way forward, possible to-do list, feedback from partners & communication strategy
    Video tutorial on $GAN?
  2. Establish DAO POOL: $GRAPE Rewards Incentives Pools for Realms Proposers & Voters @Arximedis
  3. Emissions
    February and March Emissions @CopyPasteCrew | @DAO-Board
    New Proposal for Emissions model @DeanMachine
  4. Grape Membership NFT (revised summary and examples) @TheRipTyde

Backlog, aka topics that deserve attention @DAO-Board

  1. Grape running a validator?
  2. Grape Membership Classes
    – Membership+ | Neanderthal Class
  3. Grape Marketplace

Bounty HQ with @GodsloveDAO
Discourse | Bounty Questionnaire

Additional Topics:

  • AthensDAO :question:

Please feel free to add topics in the thread that you want to address!


I would like to have an update on the bounty process.
Is the bounty process active and running?
which bounties where discussed by the DAO Board and SubDao leaders?
Which bounties got grant approval?

thank you

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That’s what the last section is intended for:

I’d love to give more details. This requires an update from a Bounty Master, so I keep it as open as possible. The Bounty section should become an integral part of the DAO Calls though.

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@CryptoPawz I wasnt clear enough… my though is that this subject should be one of the first matters to be updated instead of being in the backlog

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We have a running Bounty Process and some Bounties were already completed. That being said, the Process is currently very much WIP and being improved right now. You can see the discussion around the process here Discussion: Bounty Submission Process

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It’s not part of the backlog though. Thought that was obvious. It is its own section and input comes mainly from Bounty Masters.
We can’t have everything ‘first’ because it’s important. That’s why I try to devide topics into sections that can be handled differently. E.g. brief updates are first, because they are brief and we can address them rather quickly.
The backlog would be topics that we should address, but didn’t enough so far. This should be something that can equally as quickly handled since we already discussed the topics. It’s more of a reminder.
The bounty section can be lengthy b/c the topics change, at the same time not everyone can add to it in terms of giving addition input. That’s why I’d like to have as a separate section that can have its own time allocated.

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Not sure there is a reason point 4 is in the agenda.
The @DAO-Board needs to schedule and have a call w @potrok , THEN it will make sense to have this topic in the DAO agenda.
Otherwise, this is simply a waste of everyone’s time during the call ( the DAO call is not the time & place we should be making these arrangements)
What else will we talk about other than scheduling this call? (which I am greatly looking forward btw).

I added it due to it being requested. I can put it at the end of ‘brief updates’. In general I think it’s important to communicate things early on, so people have heard of it and have time to give input.