Video tutorial on $GAN usage/implementation

Type: Video Tutorial
Title: Buying and Registering GRAPES $GAN token
Funding: Pre-funded ($GRAPE to spend on $GAN?)
Max Reward: 30,000 $GRAPE
Date created: 5/1/2022
Date completed: TBD
Language: English
Submission Instructions:
Submit a link to your video below, preferably on YouTube.

The creation of this video would help de-mystify the process of buying and applying a GRAPE-backed token providing further information on a process that will continue to be a staple in the GRAPE community.


  1. Read through the docs explaining how to create Social Tokens on Solana:

  2. Read through the article explaining how $GAN works here:
    Grape Access - Grape Network

  3. One of tweets explaining $GAN to be included in video

  4. Then, make a video that explains how a user or project can buy and implement the $GAN token. Be sure to keep it as concise and simple as possible, mentioning things like bonding curve, royalties, and pricing.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Follow all details provided.
  2. Must be an original submission created by the submitter.
  3. Effective utilization of resources and information provided here.
  4. Explain the benefits $GAN provides
  5. What role does $GAN in the GRAPE ecosystem in the broad sense.
  6. The video must include a tweet link or showcase the tweet.

I do not think that creating a social token is needed for this video

Dynite some questions please.
Can multiple people complete this bounty?
what is the deadline?

I am aiming to complete this bounty in corporation with someone ( Jahris )?

I do not have a time limit at the moment.


you are right lol
was going a bit ham when looking at the strata docs

edit, wait if you are referring to step 1, that is so they would have an understanding of what it is they are creatign a video on, would like for a brief explanation, but not the actual creating of the token

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guess whomever is first to complete it with quality work, ser

For more complex bounties we could maybe think about the option to reserve a Bounty for a DAO Member, so we don’t have the situation where 2 people completed the same Bounty with good work and we can only reward one.
There could be downsides to this but I would like to avoid that any DAO Member feels like he worked for naught.

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Not a bad idea, but I think the idea of “reserving” doesn’t go hand in hand with what we are trying to push ( in my view).
It should be open to any until a specified deadline. Rewarding quality work is the objective, wherever that may come from.

Maybe there can be a mechanism of “working on” instead of “reserve” that could promote/foster collaboration b/w individuals within the community that could yield a more complete product.

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Yes, I would like that. The main thing I want to achieve is that no one works in vain on a big bounty and is then bummed out.

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Grape Access Network ($GAN) Tutorial

Created by @Arximedis & @Jahris

Video is complete with subtitles, thumbnail & description. Ready to go public at request.


We tried to keep it as simple as possible, targeting both newcomers & existing partners. Idea was to showcase why we switched to $GAN & how easy it is to implement. Bonding curves & royalties are not mentioned, as this would only make it complicated.

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im dead. That VoiceOver with “sexy” music.
Love it haha

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Cool video, liked the 3D feel of it.
Before we can proceed with payment the Bounty still needs to formally go through the acceptance stage of Bounty Process 1.

Bounty moved to “Legacy Bounties (need to be accepted) with submission” on Bounty Kanban.


The underlying process with $GAN has changed with Grape Access now having their own Discord. The Bounty remains available.

Results of Bounty Process 1: Creation Reward has been set to 5k GRAPE. Everything else has been accepted as is.

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I realized that 30.000 $GRAPE is not enough for the completion of this bounty. At least for the amount of time & quality I have put in so far. Since no one else seems to be submitting anything, I now request 1.000 $USDC to submit my video.

Thanks again for highlighting an issue that will for sure come up again and allowing us to evaluate our methods.
Again, I apologize, I believe the bounty I wrote out was a bit too complex for what I had envisioned. Jam-packed it with too much info.
You completed the bounty as outlined here and went above and beyond. :goat:

Then got a bit rugged when to process was changed after the fact.

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No worries, we’re all here to contribute in one way or another. I’m glad though that we had this conversation & highlighted 2 issues actually. 1st being that requirements & specifications for a bounty should be set in stone before publishing & 2nd raising awareness around bounties, so that there is a lot more participation. You guys can hit me up whenever you want regarding raising awareness!

As discussed in the call I think we should proceed with the payout, as the initial bounty was completed, but as @BillysDiscord mentioned, maybe we should wait for the final video after we have received the feedback from Dean’s List, as there might be more changes to the process.

The bounty is complete, as per the specifications set and you should receive the GRAPE you accepted when creating the initial bounty. Changing the bounty specifications after we receive submissions, is something which should not happen in the future. We are learning from the process. In addition more exposure is needed in the bounties as @Jahris mentioned above.

In principle the bounty needs to be honored regardless of if the video will be used or not. Not honoring a bounty which was completed according to spec, would push people away from contributing to GRAPE.


As discussed yesterday the Bounty was completed and accepted before the circumstances changed. I waited for confirmation from the Board before posting this.
Currently, the video is private, so please make it available again via that link or in some other way @Jahris. We need to have access to it, even if only as a reference in future discussions.

Finally please provide us with an address for the Completion Reward @Jahris.
Likewise @DyNite please provide an address for the Creation Reward.

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I switched the video back to “unlisted” yesterday. You should be able to access it again.

Completion reward address: AxSv4XsSeWisFhSq7C8MA1TV5BErjDi5K4zze6HPJy8F




Creation reward of 5k GRAPE (if memory serves)