[Agenda] DAO Call May 15th 2022

DAO Call:

Brief updates:


  1. April Emissions
    April’s Epoch DAO Emissions - CopyPastaCrew @CopyPasteCrew

  1. Bounty updates @riderinred @GodsloveDAO
    Bounty Submission Process
    – structure & feedback | 2do list
    Trello Board
    Completed Bounties
    Miro Board

  1. Deans List
    Utilizing Dean’s List to get Feedback on Grape Access for focused improvement

  1. Grape Marketplace @kirk

  1. GRAPE Membership NFT
    Grape Membership NFT (revised summary and examples) @TheRipTyde

  1. New Utility Proposal for the GRAPE bot.
    New utility proposal for the grape bot

Additional Topics - Please comment down below


Thx for stepping in and preparing the agenda :two_hearts:
I’ll try to listen in today if possible. If I can’t make it, please ask again whether someone wants to add to the realms input (suggestions/improvements). I started something but it’s saved locally at home and I try to post it when I’m back again mid week.

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Apologies in advance. I’m traveling today so it might be hard for me to fully join the call & discussion.

Would be interesting to add:

-Treasury growth potential pitfalls (2mil $GRAPE holder)

Now that our treasury is growing (w more funds to be added soon) we should educate ourselves & the community on due diligence and awareness around DAO votes, activity. Community members should aim to hold enough governance power in case we’ll need to counter malicious proposals that aim to hurt the community/treasury.


imo this is THE top priority

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I’m very interested in a high-level overview here. Because frankly I have no idea about our treasury except that we have funds in different addresses.
Topics of interest:

  • Outflow
  • Inflow
  • Long term sustainability?
  • Opportunities for growth?

Second that and This is top top importance, ideas, procedures and counter actions. This should be addressed in the call as high priority topic.


Also good standard treasury topics. Security and DAO processes are more important in the immediate short-term imo – i think we should be focusing more on the areas that are unique to DAOs and make it a priority because the learning curve is steep