Bounty Submission Process

After Sunday’s call, where it became evident we need to improve our methodology on how we process bounties below is a proposed workflow on this.

Massive thanks to @Dim_Selk on this :pray:

We think the following process should be implemented on how we manage our bounties:

  1. Whoever wants to submit a bounty must go to Discourse -Everyone MUST be able to access to the bounty page on discourse (needs to be public af)

  2. Bounty master classifies the bounties to the respective SubDAO and asks the leaders for feedback & check that that they look ok.

  3. DAO Board in this process prioritizes, confirms and finalizes with SubDAOs the actual request (must have 2way synergy there, to avoid delays)

  4. BOTH DAO Board & SubDAO leader need to keep up with discourse

  5. Once prioritization is done and everything is set out in terms of the request, DAO Board/Bounty Master draft up a medium( or whatever necessary) for the implementation and share on twitter and other Grape mediums (communicates them across the Solana ecosystem and beyond)

  6. After the prioritization happens every week, all bounties are kept in an internal priority and can start being worked on as soon as they are posted on discord channel as a thread BUT submission happens (in most cases, depending on the bounty) in THAT channel. Ergo, you need to be a Grape member to access them =>new utility for $GRAPE.


Now the people involved in the creation of a Bounty are the Bounty Creator and the Bounty Master, is that right?

And according to this Proposal, we would also involve the subDAO Leaders and the DAO Board in the process of setting up a Bounty. Correct?


My understanding of the proposed process here is less about the setup/creation of a Bounty and more about its approval process.

  • Community members will be creating bounty proposals.
  • Bounty Master will be first pass reviewing, sorting & arranging for the most suitable SubDAO leader/ representative to provide more feedback on the bounty.
  • DAO Board & SubDAO leader(s) give approval and prioitisation.
  • Highest priority bounties get actioned first (Perhaps a Kanban bounty board is in order)

For me, everything that happens until the Bounty is published and people can start working on it is one phase. So currently there is only the setup/creation between the Bounty Creator and the Bounty Manager.
Now we are talking about pulling in the DAO Board and the subDAO leaders. What is the perceived benefit?

Prioritization implies that there is an entity that has the control to prioritize. I think this goes against the spirit of what we want to achieve with Bounties, that everyone can simply intuitively start to contribute to our DAOs objectives. Doesn’t it?

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The DAO Board and subDAO leaders were proposed to be involved in the bounty process from its inception.

They’re their for signoff and approval, certainly needed lest any and all bounties created go live and be able to be claimed.

Re:Prioritization, We could have many open bounties and i agree having it that everyone can simply intuitively start to contribute to our DAOs objectives makes sense but I don’t see an issue in prioritising some bounties by way of advertising ‘Hey we want this done asap’. Otherwise very haphazad way of doing things.


Yes they are their for signoff and approval and I agree that this is important. In the proposed process here it looks like they would be more heavily involved. That’s where I disagree, in my opinion the DAO Board’s involvement into day-to-day Bounties should be minimal. Only extraordinary Bounties deserve their attention. We have to keep in mind that they are the mountain that rises above the jungle and can see clearly in the distance. They are our strategic entity and we have to shield them from day-to-day tasks so they can excel in their function.

Concerning priorities I can see what you are getting at. Some way to enhance the importance of a bounty that is more important than others or time-sensitive would be useful. How about something like a time-limited boost to a bounties reward? Like complete this bounty in the next 7 days and you get X GRAPE more or you get a multiplier of 2x the rewards something like that would be nice.


Just gonna post this here as we are already discussing the Bounty Submission Process.

Here is something I worked on that could improve our clarity concerning Bounties and help us understand each other better when we talk about this.
First I classify Bounties into 4 different states. And then illustrate how the Bounty can pass from one state to the next. I hope this helps us improve our communication by making it more simple and thus naturally taking the discussion further.


This workflow is meant to smooth out the process and inform involved parties on the bounties. The bounty Master alone will be doing this anyway in most cases (example, how can a non dev person distinguish and evaluate the priority & reward for a dev bounty in case of having to choose among several (as it happens right now incidentally).


Creation reward is to be paid AFTER a bounty is completed. (ie people showing interest in completing it).


Evaluating if the reward is appropriate is a great point. Had this problem with the Bounty I proposed recently. Here I see the subDAO Leaders as the main actors and would like to keep the DAO Board out of the process.

Regarding prioritization I can only repeat what I wrote to @TheRipTyde. One way I see we could achieve that is to increase Bounty Rewards for a specific Bounty for a limited time or sth. along these lines. My position here is that we should not block anyone from working on any bounty as it goes against the spirit of decentralization and I do not see a benefit to betray this spirit here.

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Ok, will adjust the illustrations. What do you think about the inclusion of a discussion for Bounties with high rewards or when the rewards were not approved by the SQUADS Wallet?

UPDATE: Illustration adjusted so that it’s clear that Creation Reward is paid upon completion

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I found this workflow quite good. That’s what we needed.


I don’t know if it has been already discussed, and apologies as this might be slightly off-topic, but I believe that the Creator Reward should indeed be paid in $Grape, but the actual reward should not be paid out in $Grape. I see USDC as a better alternative (if there is the possibility to do so).

I agree that prioritization is a bit tricky if we want to maintain a decentralized approach. However, I believe it could be done organically with larger rewards and stricter deadlines.

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Agree with the approach. Contributing ideas/brainpower to the DAO = GRAPE, doing work that executes ideas = USDC. This discussion is getting started.
My preferred solution here is that we as a DAO acquire recurring revenue which we then can use to reward DAO Members without the need to sell any of our own tokens.


Would it be nice if we could add 4 polls to the bounty layout for the creator to fill in and the members to vote on so the Bounty Master(s), DAO Board and subDAO Leaders could have some feeling of it ?

Would you as a DAO member suggest this bounty to be accepted by the Bounty Master(s), DAO Board and subDAO Leaders? YES/NO

Max Reward (Create): A/ B/ None of the above

Max Reward (Complete): X/ Y/ None of the above

Date Complete: ` 2weeks/ 4weeks/ None of the above