[Agenda] DAO/Events Call May 17th 2022

DAO Call:


  1. April Emissions
    April’s Epoch DAO Emissions - CopyPastaCrew @CopyPasteCrew

  1. Bounty updates and this weeks prioritization @riderinred @GodsloveDAO @DAO-Board
    – Add SubDAO leaders to the bounty squads
    Bounty Submission Process
    – structure & feedback | 2do list
    Trello Board
    Miro Board

  1. Deans List: Next Steps
    Utilizing Dean’s List to get Feedback on Grape Access for focused improvement
  • Potential use of the agility fund to bid for the tokens?

  1. Grape DAO Treasury and Diversification
    – DAO Core task: still left unfilled.
    – Focus on deployment and diversification opportunities

  1. Officially make the gaming council a subDAO
    – Add on Gitbook
    – Add a leader (Godslove?) to the bounty squads

  1. Garuda Crew Inactivity: Dissolution or support further?

Additional Topics - Please comment down below


Expanding on 3.
If we feel creating the ‘Bounty Masters’ role/taskforce encouraged more participation we should explore that a bit more.
My proposal is to create a ‘Strategic Vision’ role/taskforce.
GOAL of the team is to work on the strategic vision on the GRAPE.
Following up about the improvement to grape access should be the first task of this role.
Looking forward to your input on what else the mission of this role should be if we decide to pursue this avenue of encouraging participation.

I’m also glad that the Bounty Master role and Bounties, in general, are well received and gaining traction in the community. At the same time, I think that we already have a ‘Strategic Vision Taskforce’ which would be the DAO Board, wouldn’t it?

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yeah the DAO Board members can absolutely be on the taskforce. However, probably might also make sense to have members of the original grape core team in the taskforce too. In my mind the DAO Board itself is an experiment. At this moment of our discovery we are still identifying possible opportunities of effective centralization in a decentralized organization. A possible evolution of the DAO Board is eventually a loose assembly of Indvidual’s with targeted roles/taskforce memberships.
I think creating a taskforce does two things

  1. Helps us further in identifying a core essential function of a DAO
  2. Gives an opportunity for new members to start contributing in a meaningful way without the pressure of knowing the in and outs of how everything works.
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Tbh I think the strategic aspect/alignment of Grape can a) only come from the core team itself or b) from someone else if the core team decides that they don’t want to do it anymore.
As long as b is not the case, any form of task force is doomed to fail imo. I’m not saying that there can’t or shouldn’t be a task force for brainstorming scenarios and to come up with ideas, but it wouldn’t be more than that. And even that is no small feat.