[BOARD][Agenda] CW 25 2022

General agenda for (Board) Meetings in CW 25:

Hi! As last Sunday’s Call showed, an agenda doesn’t seem to be necessary. Just make a short poll on what people want to talk about and BOOM, done. Saves me a lot of time tbh and that’s why this is my last agenda.
:notes: Do what you want 'cause a Pirate lives free! :notes:

Bounty Meeting | Trello
Bounty Process (next steps?)
Completed Bounties (any todos?)


  1. Dev subDAO: Strata on Grape Dashboard
  2. Dev subDAO: Create an integration with the app.squads.so in a new section on the dashboard



  1. Reputation System for GRAPE DAO
  2. Realms proposal: Create Mango Account for USDC/SOL Swap
  3. Shill zine - Content subDAO: [Discussion] (Discord) >> Vincent >> Taki >> Dean
  4. ChapterX Call: 2022-07-07T16:00:00Z

:white_small_square: :small_red_triangle_down: :white_small_square: :small_red_triangle_down: :white_small_square: Not addressed/resolved in last Sunday Call :white_small_square: :small_red_triangle_down: :white_small_square: :small_red_triangle_down: :white_small_square:

  1. Infrastructure
    – Discourse (alternative vs self-hosted)
    – Twitter
    – Grape Discord
  2. Buy 3000 $SOL (who/when?)
  3. Grape Phase 2.0 (next steps)
    [Discussion] Incubator vs. Service Provider
    – business model vs non-profit sponsorship
    Rewards Compensations Revenue (>> Pawz)
    [Discussion] Grape Product Strategy (>> riderinred)
    – Proposal for compensation (Taki | Moderators/Community managers | DAO-Board)
    – Grape DAO vs. subDAOs vs independent DAOs (>> riderinred | >> godslove)
    1. [Discussion] [Governance] GRAPE DAO: Collaboration & NDA >>godslove
  4. Dean’s List (next steps | internal bounty | support GAN DAO?)
  5. GRAPE Validator (next steps / proposal by Hanko) :question:
  6. $GRAPE Rewards Incentives Pools for Realms Proposers & Voters (next steps?) :six:
  7. Grape Membership NFT (summary) :seven:
  8. $GRAPE Locking / Vesting :ten:+
  9. Grape NFT Dex (next steps) :ten:+