Dev subDAO: Strata on Grape Dashboard

We need an integration of Strata directly on to the Grape Dashboard to make swapping and bounty creation easier for Grape-backed tokens

  1. Create grape-backed tokens directly on Grape. Let users set their own bonding curve (literally have them put the curve formula in vs the 3 options UX on Strata), set royalties, and set the address for those royalties.

  2. Users should be able to update the image, the royalties, and the royalty address. (would include curve authority if this is available)

3.Swap directly from USDC/SOL to the Grape-backed token the user is trying to purchase

4.Auction style bounties: This would allow different holders to compete for the same bounty (ie the Dean’s List). The mint authority creates a bounty (description and end time) and then anyone can auction for this bounty. Contributors have to increase the contribution and lock them in until the auction finishes.

5.Disburse funds to multiple wallets (this could use something like Hydra)

If there was also an instruction that allowed this auction process to be created and managed through Realms, id recommend increasing the USDC for this bounty

Title: New features for Strata on Grape Dashboard Funding: Pending Approval Max Reward (Complete): 5,000 USDC Date Created: 04/30/22 Date Complete: 05/09/22 Restrictions: None Language: English Difficulty: Medium Judges nominated: Dean, Billy, Kirk, Chris, Pontes, Pavelsan, Avidlearner Bounty Raised By: DeanMachine#9058


:open_mouth: Allowing users to create their own Grape-backed tokens directly through the Grape dashboard :exploding_head:
Very cool proposal.

I might suggest as a fist step allowing users to swap grape for existing grape backed tokens.

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Can’t see the Creation Reward in your post. Did you leave it out on purpose?

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I didn’t know I need to assign myself a reward.

I’ll take the normal I guess?

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Ok, currently the common value here is 20k GRAPE. If that’s ok with you we will go with this value.
Please keep in mind that this Bounty, like every other, now needs to go through Bounty Process 1 before it is made available for submissions.

Added Bounty to Trello.


thats great with me thanks

This Bounty has been accepted with a few changes:
It was not clear in what way the process of creating a grape backed token would be regularly repeated by users and thus an integration into the Dashboard was not recognized as valuable for the average user, points 1 and 2 rejected.
Grape currently does not utilize Auction style bounties, added value to Grape unclear, point 4 rejected.
It was not understood how the disbursing of funds to multiple wallets from the Grape Dashboard would add value, point 5 rejected.

Point 3 was very clear how it improves user experience and adds value, gladly naturally accepted.
Point 6 has been added to make interaction with Strata Tokens easier by directly displaying the balance.
Creation Reward has been set to 5k GRAPE.
Completion Reward has also been adjusted to 2k USDC.

Accepted Bounty Details:

Max Reward (Create): 5k $GRAPE
Max Reward (Complete): 2k $USDC

Submission Instructions:

contribution to Grape GitHub repo Grape Labs · GitHub in specific GitHub - Grape-Labs/grape-dashboard: Grape Dashboard


We need an integration of Strata directly on to the Grape Dashboard to make swapping and interaction easier for Grape-backed tokens. Following functions should be added to the Grape Dashboard:

  1. Swap directly from USDC/SOL to the Grape-backed token the user is trying to purchase. (If possible also offer GRAPE to Grape-backed token)
  2. Display the user’s Strata holdings on the GRAPE Dashboard.

Updated push to GitHub with a build using parcel, builds should successfully

yarn install
yarn run build
yarn start

Acceptance Criteria:

Quality is based on & Exceptional quality generally means:
Compilable/Runnable Code which will not break any existing dependencies and integrations on the existing repo, libraries may be updated and build can be updated as long as all existing functionality is compilable.

This Bounty is now available to work on and eagerly awaiting your submissions. Do Grape things!


am I too late

edition #2

grape dao megabounty proposal - strata, hydra, raindropz, ohhhmyyyy - by the stacc for the ppl


Derp I’ve proven I already have the code to hit all the og points, including the 6th one <3 sorry I didn’t review this in more detail.

Send whatever you like here: JARehRjGUkkEShpjzfuV4ERJS25j8XhamL776FAktNGm

I am very much past due for a wee lil nap <3

your dependencies are all messed up. it’s a huge blocker having to figure out what’s broken where, notably @bonfida/spl-name-service @solana/spl-token so far

I apologize :slight_smile: it was my own hacked @stratafoundation/react

turns out there are blocking issues wrt getting the dependencies of stratafoundation/react and the current grape-dashboard - will revisit after :slight_smile:

Hi Jare, welcome to Grape!
Thank you for your interest in this Bounty. When you think you did everything according to the description here please post again so we can check it.
As this is a technical Bounty our Development subDAO will evaluate if your submission checks all the right boxes. Afterwards we can naturally simply proceed with the payment that you logically deserve.


DISCLAIMER: Please hit us up on Discord and we can set up a quick briefing for the specific Bounty you want to work on. That way we can both be sure what is agreed upon and what a complete submission is.

Incomplete submissions and submissions that are not completely satisfying do not obligate the DAO to pay any rewards. All rewards for such Bounties are paid at the sole discretion of the Bounty Board and the DAO.

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