[Proposal] Soladex Joins Grape

It is a great pleasure to formally submit my request for compensation to the Grape DAO and bring the Soladex brand under the Grape umbrella.

Soladex.io is a content website designed to document and showcase exciting projects in the Solana ecosystem. In addition, Soladex operates a validator node on the Solana network.

Over the last 60 days, my team and I have published dozens of beginner friendly guides and tutorials documenting some of the most popular products in the Solana ecosystem. Our guides are designed to make it easy for newcomers to learn about Solana and discover interesting projects.

I have had a wonderful experience discussing my vision for Soladex with the Grape DAO, including the last two Sunday meetings. It is abundantly clear that the Grape DAO shares the same passion and enthusiasm for Solana that we do.

As such, I am hereby submitting my request to formally integrate Soladex into the Grape ecosystem as a Sub DAO. Under this proposal, Soladex would become an official Grape product and continue working toward its mission of growing and supporting the Solana ecosystem.

From day one, I have personally funded the expenditures to create and bootstrap the Soladex brand from the ground up. As an SEO veteran with over 10 years experience building content sites, I know first hand what needs to be done in order to build a successful internet brand.

This proposal is designed to be the starting point for a powerful, long term, mutually beneficial partnership. Upon the execution of this proposal, the following agreements will be established:

  • Soladex Technologies LLC becomes an official product of the Grape ecosystem. As such, Soladex is accountable to the Grape DAO in regards to maintaining operating transparency, utilizing community input, and following the direction of DAO proposals.
  • Hanko retains his leadership position in the Soladex brand, effectively becoming a single point of contact for the Grape DAO.
  • Hanko solidifies his professional commitment to the Soladex brand with a full time position as Head of Operations
  • As head of operations for Soladex, Hanko continues to fulfill the ongoing management responsibilities, including executing required financial transactions necessary for the Soladex brand to function. Examples include:
    • Paying the monthly server fees for the validator and managing the validator hardware.
    • Paying for website hosting, software/plugin licenses, and other regular expenses
    • Managing payroll for the original Soladex team.
    • Drafting and submitting the necessary proposal requests for compensation on a timely basis
  • As the sole parent entity of Soladex, Grape DAO asserts a future claim to 80% of all gross profits generated from the Soladex Validator. Hanko and his team will take a 20% cut of the profits from the validator only after that figure exceeds the salary amount requested below.
  • Grape DAO, being the sole sponsor and advisor of Soladex, gains first right of refusal over all future projects and services developed / marketed under the Soladex brand.

I am confident that this partnership will prove to be financially beneficial for the Grape DAO in the long run by tapping into a revenue stream that is both sustainable and highly profitable.

As such, I can say with conviction that I am fully prepared to assume the role of Operations Manager. Upon the passing of this proposal, I will immediately get to work and start meeting with members of the community to find ways to utilize each others talents.

The requested compensation package contains a one time sign-on bonus, plus a monthly package to continue growth and development of the project for the remainder of Q3 2022.

Over the course of Q3, the Soladex team will work closely with the Grape DAO to harmonize our systems and further develop the content bounty system. We feel strongly that Grape Tooling will be be a huge value add to the project and are ready to explore what is possible when we combine forces.

I propose a one time sign-on bonus of $5,000 and 50k GRAPE be added to the first month’s compensation, in addition to a monthly compensation package totaling $5,000 USDC and 30k GRAPE.

Proposed compensation schedule, to be re-evaluated on a quarterly basis. USDC compensation to be phased out gradually as the validator reaches profitability.

June - July - August Compensation :

  1. June: $10,000 USDC, 80,000 $GRAPE
  2. July: $5,000 USDC, 30,000 $GRAPE
  3. August $5,000 USDC, 30,000 $GRAPE

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to answering any questions you might have.


First of all, let me say I am really looking forward we can seal this collaboration w Hanko & Soladex!
Even though this is a technical discussion way out of my league Is there a way to factor in to our memberhip an additional perk of staking w the validator? (i.e become Grape member/Gorilla because you get more APY % while staking on Soladex).


Why is soladex named this way? How do you avoid confusion with the general abbreviation for Decentralized EXchange (DEX)?

Why is soladex named this way?

Soladex is a portmanteau derived from the words Solana and index (or roladex).

How do you avoid confusion with the general abbreviation for Decentralized EXchange (DEX)?

The same way Grape avoids confusion with being the name of a small fruit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Honestly though, I am focused on organic search traffic. That’s what I’m good at and that’s the fastest way to scale this project. This gives me a huge advantage because I can set whatever meta tag information I want, and I do for every post. So when a user encounters Soladex in the wild, it looks something like this:

Hope that makes sense and thanks for your question!


Absolutely! I have a ton of ideas for synergies including a members area with a points and rank system.

I wholeheartedly believe Grape is going to be a main player in tooling built on Solana and that’s the main reason why I want this partnership to become a reality.

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Can we plz delete this thanks