PROPOSAL: Reward Solana Community Contributor

1. Proposal Purpose:

Grape DAO seeks opportunities to enrich the Solana ecosystem, encourage great people to join or participate, and build tools to innovate or provide solutions to communities & DAOs to DO more.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

TLDR: Reward an individual or community group who has generated value, insights or investigations that yield next level information educating, building, or protecting the Solana community.

In the past, Grape has worked on initiatives, like Solana Site Safety, attempting to catalog all legit sites vs scams, but these undertakings were exceedingly too broad, rigorous, and, intensive for the limited number of community members who attempted to keep up, not to mention the risks in the presence of bad actors. The good news is that there are individuals, actively engaging in important efforts today, personifying the ethos of protecting users through education, investigations, and insights, but these tasks are quite challenging and often thankless.

3. Stakeholders

Spotlight (1st Proposal):

Grape DAO thanks ZachXBT with a SOL donation for taking an interest in investigating activities on Solana that provide transparency & insights to help protect or educate users & communities. In addition, a small GRAPE donation provides ZachXBT an invitation and ability to join or participate with Grape DAO, if there were ever a desire or interest to do so.

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

Governance Treasury Wallet: 6jEQpEnoSRPP8A2w6DWDQDpqrQTJvG4HinaugiBGtQKD
Send to User: ZachXBT
SOL Address: investigations.sol

A 5 200,000
B 10 200,000

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