The Youtube Grant

Back in June when we were done with AthensDAO HackerHouseX, we ended up with aprox. 23 hours of unedited livestreamed material of the conference. Given the huge success of AthensDAO, the amazing talks and presentations, my first thought was that this material shouldn’t be left to gather dust. The livestreams needed to be cut in separate videos, receive audiovisual treatment & packaged in a way that everybody in the DAO space could have easy access to them.

At first I wanted to propose a bounty to the GrapeDAO, but after talking about it with @DeanMachine, he suggested we might have a chance to get a grant from the Solana Foundation. At this point I would like to thank Dean, because this wouldn’t have been possible without him championing the grant procedures. (Which, as you might have noticed, took some time!)

From the bounty proposal I had drafted, I had calculated that my reward would have to be 3.000 USDC, given the time & expertise I had to put into it. Dean went ahead and asked the Foundation for 5.000 USDC. He suggested that the remaining 2.000 USDC could go to the DAOs Treasury, which I embraced.

Which brings us to today.

We have a beautiful body of work, consisting of 27 presentations, panels & demos from AthensDAO. (+ the gorgeous aftermovie) Everybody in the Solana ecosystem can witness for themselves how the first community-run HackerHouseX, endorsed by the Solana Foundation, was a huge success. These videos also allow for the AthensDAO Twitter account to remain active & engaging throughout the year.

So a few days ago we received the final payment for the grant & with the help of @BillysDisc_rd the 2.000 USDC are now in the DAOs Treasury:

For full transparency, I would also like to share the two payments made to my wallet:

  1. Solscan

  2. Solscan

This is the first donation we received from Grape efforts, and I think we can scale this to support more grant initiatives. Personally I have already started thinking about my next grant application, focused on what I can do best: content & educational material around the DAO space! If you have any ideas yourself, please let’s turn this into an active discussion & figure out how we can support our ecosystem in a viable manner.


Congratulations on making this big milestone! Do not take the lack of conversation or acknowledgement as a sign of insignificance; you’ve accomplished something that few DAOs have ever done and shown a viable path for GRAPE’s sustainability.

What do you think about a workshop in GRAPE to discuss scaling this? I think we have a huge opportunity to do more!

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