Grant for best Grape integration during the #SolanaSummerCamp hackathon

1. Proposal Purpose:

The purpose of this proposal is to direct developer talents towards Grape.
This includes (but is not limited to) development of, building on, or integrating with:, grape dashboard, GAN, Deanslist.
I also see the purpose of this proposal captured in a project that does sth on with regards to Grape on-chain governance and NTTs

I understand that Grape is already sponsoring the DAO track of the hackathon but this doesn’t necessarily include the condition that participants must build on Grape/integrate Grape tools.

I’m being specific about Grape integration because the Grape sponsored prize during the riptide hackathon didn’t specify this, and our main judging criteria were: having a github, open source,…

The reason I’m submitting this proposal is because of this:

This proposal is more of a process that already exists than it is sth new. The Grape Bounty process!
The only thing new is that we are doing this in light of the Solana summer hackathon.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

Through this grant, some of the best submitted projects will be offered to join the DAO and help build the Grape ecosystem further.

The procedure to achieve this will be through a tweet from the official Grape Protocol account and/or a bounty in #bounty-hq

The duration of this bounty is same as that of #SolanaSummerCamp. Though this is entirely upto the DAO to adjust as seen fit since there are no official Solana ecosystem sponsored prizes this time around.

3. Stakeholders

@DAO, Bounty masters

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:


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Not really opposed to this but I would offer this grant after the hacktathon since we don’t now what’s to come and its easier to focus on the competitors that are competing for the DAO track prize of the current hackathon. So in my opinion I would do this grant after the hackathon.

Also noting if we are offering USDC payouts I assume the developer/team will also have to KYC to receive the reward. Not sure but @DeanMachine might clarify on this one better than me.

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Kyc is easier here because solana already has the participants kycd

My comment was towards the grant after the hackathon where outside developers/teams are going for the grant and most probably are anonymus. If its during the hackathon then yes I assume all of Solana Summer Hackathon are KYC’ed.

I like the idea of Grape chipping in w a grant during Solana Summer Camp.

Building something using Grape tools to be more specific.

Not sure we should approach this as a way to “shill” our own bounties. Perhaps do it for the ones falling under the purview of the Dev SubDAO.

All in all, very positive on making this work (fast too if deadline will be the same as Solana Summer Camp ie 16 August)

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