[Discussion] Grape Sponsor ME

Hello to the Grape Community!
With the shifting tides in grape, our community members have had to adapt to the new directions the Grape DAO is heading towards.
In my attempt to adapt, seeing Taki’s own post and discussing it slightly with our Content Creation Subdao members; It is my intent to submit a proposal.
Grape DAO Sponsoring MetaVerse Explorer-

As the community may know, I started at Grape creating content called Grape’s Solana Alpha.
These videos initially updated the greater community on frequent changes within the Solana landscape. Since the space has slowed down, Grapes Solana alpha has since pivoted to providing commentary, insight and updates on ‘most things’ that happen in Solana. As this is an individual operation it is impossible to cover ‘everything’

Grapes Solana Alpha is currently still running and is up to episode 74.
In trying to improve my game of becoming a web3 personality and being a sticky web3 participant, I am currently seeking sponsorships. In all transparency, I have already been approached by two groups in Solana to sponsor my grape Solana alpha videos, and 1 group to sponsor my Star atlas content.
I have not yet actively gone out to seek sponsorship until this very post.
What I am proposing is for grape to sponsor Grape’s Solana Alpha so it may continue to operate and draw the community’s attention to the services being provided by Grape.
Below are my current thoughts on sponsorship types; I have different packages for collaboration with communities. For this sponsorship I would suggest an item from Package 2:
Package 2 Sponsor
2.1 - Logo display
A logo displayed in the corner of my YT videos with project name below. Link in the description.

2.2 - Sponsored Segment
30 second sponsored segment within my content ( video & audio, mostly pre-recorded depending on variables)

2.3 - Sponsored Mention
A 10 second segment “ first, I want to thank my sponsors for this video, the team over at XYZ”

2.4 - Sponsorship Banner
A banner that spans the entire bottom or top of the screen with the project (custom design)

Package 3- Custom Package
A package that you would like to propose for a tailor fit purpose, subject to negotiation
All packages are subject to time periods during contract negotiation with the default contract lasting at a minimum of 4 weeks or 6 videos.

For discussion I would like to suggest the following as an INITIAL & TEST sponsor proposal.

Package 2.3
Example: Guys, make sure you check my sponsor for this video, Grape!
They’re a bunch of DAO fanatics on Solana experimenting with all the cool new Solana toys, check em out in the description below.
Time period: 1 month with a minimum of 6 videos, whichever occurs first
Price: 10 USDC and 1000 Grape

This is of course a suggestion and I am open to other packages.
Why sponsor?
Grapes Solana alpha was initially started with a slew of other ‘products’ that grape had acquired, Solana grapevine, shillzine, TA charting, Solana gaming Saturdays etc.
Most of these products have dissolved within the bear market however my Grape Solana Alpha continues strong at the current episode 74 . By supporting grapes Solana alpha, The Grape DAO continues to support grassroots individuals and continues to engage with the community.
Don’t sponsor?
ME is free to accept sponsorship from other entities, potentially changing the direction and name of the videos.

It should be noted that this series of videos will still be branching out and covering more topics within the Crypto ecosystem, eth, btc, NFTS etc however still focus on Solana.

Thank you very much. I will be posting an official proposal in 1 week in the appropriate format.

Happy to discuss further.


As one of the community’s key content creators I think Grape sponsorship makes sense, I’m certainly a fan of the Solana Alpha vidoes and the cross marketing you’ve been doing highlighting the likes of the DAO Hackerhouse and Shillzine content.

I also know the feature on Anatoly which along with work done by Barndog and Whales led to them graciously offering a portion of mint proceeds to the community.

Time period: 1 month with a minimum of 6 videos, whichever occurs first
Price: 10 USDC and 1000 Grape

Is that all in pm/6 videos, or per video?

Could you also share some of your viewship stats?


Heya Riptide, thanks for the reply!

The 10 USDC is for the entire month or 6 videos of grape solana alpha, which ever comes first.
As this is a test proposal, i wanted to see if it’ll even get passed first and how difficult it would be to ask for larger time periods and amounts.

Viewership stats;
The bear market is tough as I usually LOSE a subscriber when i post a video now haha, but overall still net growth.
people realise they are still subbed to a crypto channel.
Though this to me doesnt matter because now is the time to build a fanbase of viewers and exponentially grow it into the next bull.


As you can see from the above image, most of my viewers come from Star Atlas.
Though these same viewers are also cross viewers of Solana/crypto/grape content in general.
Any grape videos usually net between 100-200 views. This is very small IMO.
There is also a small detraction of audiences as some of my grape/solana content is diverted to the grape YT channel; eg; the numerous interviews i did at Hacker House X.

It is unlikely these videos will provide


Hi, thanks for the detailed post. Looking for a couple of clarifications.

  1. The above sponsorship is in ADDITION to the grape emissions you would qualify for as a contributing member Grape Content Creator?
  2. How are you looking to get the projects to build the content on? Are these going to be
    a) projects that a member of GRAPE brings to you
    b) projects that you will research and create content on based on your best judgement of what might be valuable to GRAPE.
    c) combination of both of the above.

In terms of sponsorship. I would propose GRAPE DAO to come up with a monthly/epoch budget towards advertising/outreach. In the absence of other proposals, my recommendation would be to reward the advertising/outreach budget it to Meta for the upcoming epoch.

In the absence of other metrics, I would like to propose a starting budget of atleast 100 USDC Coin.

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Heya Discolove!

To my knowledge there is no grape emission for a content creator? We havent had emissions for numerous months now. If im informed on the subject, emissions are only given out to those who complete a bounty. The CC subdao will be having a CC subdao token soon ™ however this does not function as an emission?

90% B 10% A
No input from the Grape community is required in regards to the content being pushed. I will be researching, using and reporting on the crypto and web3 experience myself.
That being said, the window is not closed. If the Grape community requests or ask that I cover something specific and it isn’t an obvious scam then yeah ofcourse.

Thanks for the epoch budget for advertising suggestion.
And thank you for the increased budget of 100 USDC.

Though as I stated, this is a test only to see the flow and the difficulty in getting the sponsorship so $10 should be just fine me thinks.

What other metrics could I provide for you please?


There is an active vote for April & May emissions

I’d certainly be well in favour of support such a valuable member of the community


Bounties are different from emissions. They are task-specific and pull from a pre-determined budget.
Emissions as we know them on the other hand are role-based and should be paid out each month. They do not pull from a set budget.

Just wanted to clear this up. Otherwise, it’s as @TheRipTyde has explained. As we advance we can hopefully improve the timeliness of our emissions payout.

Yes I see this now and was misinformed, IF this emission is to go through, then yes. this sponsorship will be ontop of the grape member emissions.
Though I don’t feel comfortable with that honestly, I would rather prefer either being out of grape decision making and the dao and ask for sponsorship rather than be in grape, receive emissions and also ask for sponsor. I cant have the cake and eat it too. we’ll likely have to discuss this further.

Thanks for clarifying this, i just had in my mind that grape had pivoted to a bounty focused emission strategy and that this was the only way to acquire an emission, I was mistaken.
and yes, I’m sure as time passes the efficiency increases.

@riderinred thoughts on the test sponsorship?

Me thinks the Test Sponsorship is a good way to help you continue doing what you are doing and to figure out how we can strengthen our relationship going forward.

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Thanks for the thoughts.

For reference for anyone, depending on what is agreed upon if anything, a logo of grape or a small graphic could be placed in the bottom right corner where there is real estate.

Dont mind my sleeping girlfriend lol

What I’m aiming for is Invest answers type content, with 1 video every 1 or two days though he doesnt accept sponsors.

Grape merch coming in clutch being honest…
We need to capitalise on this haha streaming like this would be dope


Hey, man, Are you aware of Dean’s List subdao?

Would you be willing to discuss your Custom Package with us?

thank you

curious as to what a custom package might entail

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My understand is the custom package entails Meta and Barndog shilling your project in the method seen below.
10/10 would recommend.


It’s the other way around, we’d be naked and boxes would be open :wink:

but yes pontes we’ve talked about the deans list in chat.

for all, this is a possibility but it’d probably best to start with a test as the above proposal mentions


This a low cost poposal providing value through branding that has seen good levels of support, with no expression of objection and no action. What’s the failing here?

I personally believe passive lack of response is a disservice and doubly so when it comes to proposals from well know/ respected DAO members.

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Don’t really remember anymore but I assume this would be brought up by the DAO Board at the time and the DAO Board would push the proposal live.

Proposals/Discussions were never discussed by their creation date/time so this thread stayed always at the end of the call.

Quite sad for ME inactivity on overall discourse and discord and maybe is due lack of response to this proposal or for unkown reasons.

Personally I still check time to time on ME yt channel and my man is dripping out on the AthensDAO outfit.

Maybe some day we will get back on this proposal.


Logistically, this feels like it should be set up as an ongoing bounty.
Similar to what we are trying to do for the newsletter, since this will be coming in intervals and for the amount easier to execute in this manner.

@riderinred what do you think?

Heya Legend,
Yup, I do honestly love repping athensDAO.

In regards to the discourse inactivity, yes this plays a factor.
Second factor was requirement to KYG which posed a security risk for me.
I was unable to go through with the process of KYG so I just kind of thought this proposal wouldn’t be able to proceed. My bad on not actually updating the thread.

I guess third is that I’ve already started fielding and finding other sponsors, so really its survival of the fittest and fastest. crypto moves fast as we all know!