NFT giveaway for Realms voting activity- Request by the DAO Board to the NFT Council

The DAO Board would kindly request from the NFT Council that you send us some NFT from the Grape community.

For the most part, these will be NFTs of low value that we recently discussed giving away or burning.

However, among the low cost ones, we also request some of greater value, (around 0,5 SOL).

As we can see in DeepDAO, the avg voters per proposal are 31.

In March, we had a total of 8 proposals (428 votes).

In April, so far we have 6 proposals (207 votes).

Assuming we will be pushing more and more onchain votes, we would like to provide some fun incentives for people to vote.

Therefore, we would like to introduce a giveaway for the people that actively participate in our governance.

The plan is , at the end of each epoch, starting from April, to give out a certain number of NFTs, with a ratio 1/10 (for every 10 NFTs of super low value, including 1 NFT of the aforementioned slightly greater value).

We much rather the low cost NFTs that will not be used by the NFT Council are given out to the community, along with a chance to win an NFT of slightly greater value.

We will of course need your help to determine the final number and the actual NFTs, given we do not have the expertise on the NFT contents of our Treasury.

Please feel free to express your opinion on this, as well as any feedback to improve this proposal.


I really love this idea. :heart_eyes:

Great way to encourage engagement and add some fun to the process…


Small update:


Assets have been sent. TY for the quick response.