NFT Giveaway Process

This article serves to depict the process for the monthly NFT Giveaway for onchain voting activity on Realms in a transparent and informative way.

At the end of every epoch, @Takisoul & @Dim_Selk will be gathering the voters’ wallets from the Realms explorer.

Note that each vote will provide you with an entry to the lottery. Meaning, the more proposals you vote onchain, the more entries you get for the lottery at the end of the month

The voter’s wallet will be entered in a google doc, which will be used for the lottery. That doc will be publicly visible for DAO members and pinned in the realms voting channel on the Grape discord.

On the date of the lottery, we will draw 20 entries , with each of them winning at random one of the NFTs we secured from the NFT Council.

The winning wallets will then receive these NFT to their wallets via the @DAO-Board 's Squad wallet.

Please let me know of any feedback and thoughts on how we can make this process better.


The process itself looks flawless but brining more transparency and use Solana tools when we can is what we should strive for.

Not saying we need to but we could. For example for lottery we could use or build an app where we introduce .csv lists and by using Solana we could select the winning wallets so these winners would be decided by the chain.

Doesn’t need to builded by us could be obviously a bounty where a contributor completes it or we can use Solana app that does it (SolLotto did it last year).

This is just a opinion/ feedback.